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The Southerners On 'The Bachelorette' May Have An Advantage

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Newest Bachelorette, Hannah, may have narrowed her potential suitors down by a few, but the premiere highlighted the potential frontrunners in a big way. One of the contestants seems to have a noticeable connection with Hannah — a singer/songwriter who pulled out all the stops by serenading her during his introduction. You may know a few things about the man everyone's talking about, but where is Jed from? The Bachelorette contestant has something in common with Hannah.

Jed is a Knoxville-born musician who now lives in Nashville. His ABC bio stated he "grew up in the Smoky Mountains, the birthplace of Dolly Parton." I assume he moved to Nashville to broaden his career opportunities since it's the birthplace of country music and has a thriving music scene. Jed also attended Belmont University, which is also in Nashville. A quick look at his website revealed he toured the Nashville area last summer, proving he loves his southern roots — something he and "Alabama Hannah" have in common. He may not walk around exclaiming "roll tide" after every conversation (and may not feel the same way Hannah does about it), but it's clear he has a slight lead with the whole Southern charm thing.

What's more, he's a model His Instagram bio states he's represented by The Block Agency, which is a modeling agency in Nashville. The man loves his home state.

Jed's bio also claims his biggest fan is his little sister, but maybe Hannah can take her place. If he can really rap Nicki Minaj's part in "Bottoms Up" as "flawlessly" as he says, I think this Tennessee boy and the Alabama gal have a great future ahead of them.

It's no secret that Hannah's journey to find love has been complicated. Her surprising dismissal from Colton on last season of The Bachelor sent shockwaves through Bachelor Nation. Though the former beauty queen has a somewhat polarizing personality — love her or hate her; she doesn't care – no one deserves to get sent home after meeting the parents and confessing feelings of love. I wasn't always a Hannah fan and my heart broke for her. This season is her redemption story, and she won't settle for being anyone's second choice.

OK maybe it's a little cliché, but there is no denying the magnetic pull of a hot man wielding a guitar — especially if he can write you a cute, catchy, and not cringeworthy song to perform for you on your first date. There's just no way to walk away from that situation without blushing. Plus there's the fact that Jed and Hannah have similar backgrounds and that she already seems into him. This one might make it to the hometown visits. There, I said it.

I foresee the Tennessee boy hitting it off with the Alabama girl throughout much of Season 15 of The Bachelorette. Call it a hunch, but I've got a good feeling about this. As long as Jed stays true to who he is, doesn't get in the middle of any drama, and treats Hannah like the lady she is, I think you'll see a lot more of him (and his guitar).

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