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My Investigation Concludes *This* Is Where 'The Bachelorette's Top Guy Is Now

If you don't already know The Bachelorette's men, now is the time. For those of you just catching up, I have to say that Southern sweetie Jed seems to be pulling ahead with his tender side. Plus he always seems to have a guitar, which gets bonus points. With a few episodes to go until the finale, fans may be wondering: where is Jed now?

The Nashville singer/songwriter previously had a private Instagram account, much like his fellow contestants, but it's up for public consumption now. I've done the digging and if I were to calculate Jed's whereabouts strictly by his photo timeline, here's what I've concluded.

A recent photo — a still frame from the show — was posted after the episode aired, so that doesn't reveal much. He did make it through the most recent rose ceremony unscathed, so I wouldn't expect him to post a slew of pics from his hometown. That said, he did post a photo of him and his younger sister. There isn't a location tag, but the caption reads, "Missed you, Sissy." This might suggest he's home for good, either having Hannah get to know his peeps or flying solo. At this point, who knows? Only Jed.

Those pics aside, Jed's other posts go back to his first meeting with Alabama Hannah, then rewind back to Feb. and beyond, before his life became so public. There are pics of him in the Bahamas on the beach, working out, hanging with friends and family, and doing what he does best — making music. Jed's ABC bio stated he had a pretty crappy breakup before and stopped making music because of it. Maybe he's taking it slow and not posting too many updates for a reason (aside from contractual obligations, of course).

Regardless of where Jed is hiding out right now, you can stream his songs on Spotify and Apple Music. He also has a YouTube music channel to help you get your Jed fix.

There's still time to get to know each of Hannah's men before they're either gone or become Mr. Hannah. It's clear Jed's been a frontrunner from the start, despite his admission that he originally came on the show to promote his music. When you see how he and Hannah interact, it's easy to believe his feelings for her are completely genuine. He seems like the real deal on set, hanging with his sister, and back home. The chemistry between them is undeniable.

Looks like I can't spill the beans on where Jed is now, because he's not exactly announcing it. I could always Google how Hannah's season ends, but where's the fun in that? This is a spoiler-free zone. Plus, guessing which hottie she'll choose is half the fun, even if I'm way off. If I had my guess, Jed will not only be part of the final four — he'll be the final one, down on one knee. I could be wrong, but just in case you start seeing his Insta feed full of Hannah in the near future, you heard it here first.