Jeremy Vuolo Explains Why You Haven't Seen Their Cat Jake On Instagram Late

When Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo, and their 1-year-old daughter, Felicity, moved from Laredo, Texas, to Pasadena, California this summer, some things changed in their lives. And fans are starting to take note of those changes. After following the family through this transition on Instagram, some people have been wondering — where is Jinger Duggar's cat? And was he able to make it to California with the family? Luckily, Vuolo has all of the answers.

Although Jacob, the family's cat, might not have been the star of Duggar and Vuolo's Instagram accounts, their followers had grown accustomed to seeing his cute orange face every once and a while. The family adopted Jake in September 2018, and made the announcement in a post shared to Vuolo's Instagram account. "Welp, now we're a family of four," he wrote in the caption. "Welcome to the family, Jacob."

This past March, Jacob got his time to shine in front of the cameras during an episode of TLC's Counting On. In the episode, Vuolo explained that they found Jake as a "starving stray kitten" while on a walk through their neighborhood and decided to take the cat in after he followed them home. "We named him Jake, and he hasn't left," Vuolo explained.

But, it has been about eight months since the last time that Vuolo posted about Jake on his Instagram account. And naturally, fans were getting a little concerned about their pet. "Jeremy did you guys bring your cat or leave it with friends??," one commenter asked in the comments of a recent Instagram post. "I know that's a long way to travel with a cat!! I had to move 6 with my family and oh boy what a trip that was!!"

Vuolo responded with some very sad news for some followers — Jake is no longer a part of their family, but he is very happy in his new home. "We had to leave Jake with a family in Laredo," Vuolo explained. "I'm terribly allergic, but when we rescued him from the street, I cared more about finding him a home than my allergies. But allergies plus a cat aren't a great combo. He's happy, though!"

Hey, at least Jake is happy! That's all that the Vuolos and their fans could want for the super adorable cat.

Getting Jake was something that both Jinger and Jeremy wanted. "I remember growing up, I had my own cat, Jake," Duggar explained during the episode of Counting On. "That's why we named him Jake. It was an orange cat, just like ours. But then my family had many cats, dogs, my mom has such a soft spot in her heart for animals. My mom was constantly bringing animals home."

Since Vuolo is allergic to cats, it might be a while until there is another cat in their home. But it does sound like Duggar has a soft spot in her heart for animals, just like her mom has.

But, Vuolo explained in the episode that he is allergic to pet dander, which typically means that he can't have pets with fur. "I love pets and I love Jake, but I'm terribly allergic to them," he said. Duggar explained that Vuolo typically gets a rash and a runny nose when he is around cats but he loves animals so much, he is willing to make the sacrifice.

Although Jake's time with the Vuolo's has come to an end, rest assured he is very happy with his new family. And Vuolo sounds just as happy being allergy-free.