Macall B. Polay/HBO

Jorah's 'Game Of Thrones' Fate Could Be Getting Worse

Things didn't look good for Jorah during his last appearance on Game of Thrones. Throughout Season 6 he struggled to hide the fact that he had been afflicted with greyscale, a disease that turns a person's skin to stone until eventually the sufferer is lost completely. But he couldn't keep it hidden forever. His reveal to Daenerys was heartbreaking, particularly because they hadn't been on the best of terms at the time. It ended with her sending him away to search for a cure. But where is Jorah on Game of Thrones? Did he have any success in healing himself?

In the first trailer for Season 7, it seemed like there might have been a glimpse of Jorah, or at least his arm. The greyscale-covered limb emerged from a wooden door with no other hints as to a location or identity. Since Jorah is the character currently dealing with the disease, it seems fair to assume that it's him, though there's still no way to know where he is, exactly. There is a chance he is still across the Narrow Sea, having not crossed over with Daenerys and her fleet. But that assumption isn't a guarantee. Jorah could have traveled anywhere since the last time fans saw him; it's possible he journeyed to Westeros on his own.

If the shot of the arm and the door is Jorah (and there's no reason to believe it's not), then things might be getting worse for him before they get better. It seems as though the greyscale has advanced greatly since the last time Jorah was seen on screen, and the door seems like it could be the door of a cell. If he was imprisoned for some reason, then that could be preventing Jorah from going out and looking for a cure. Then again, he could be quarantined to stop the highly contagious disease from spreading to anyone else.

But things aren't actually completely hopeless for Jorah. While greyscale is a notoriously destructive disease, there has already been one notable survivor of it on the show: Stannis' daughter Shireen. Though she remained scarred from the disease, an unknown combination of methods did stop the progression of her greyscale. All Jorah has to do is find a way to land on the same mix of cures to survive his own affliction. It's easier said than done, but at least he has a sliver of a chance.