Hopefully Luke P. Won't Ruin The Trip To Latvia On 'The Bachelorette'

Hannah had a bumpy couple of weeks on The Bachelorette. With all the drama surrounding the two Lukes, it's no wonder she's ready to get away for awhile. After a short stay in Scotland, Hannah and her princes are about to embark on another whirlwind journey to a place called Latvia. Episode six promos hinted at a few special dates, and possibly (probably) even more drama. That all sounds normal, but where is Latavia? The Bachelorette trip of the season is here.

According to the website, World Atlas, Latvia is located in Europe and is the 125th largest nation in the world (out of 195). The sight also mentions the fact that Latvia, a Republic, wasn't an independent state until 1918, when it gained sovereignty from Russia. If you're trying to place where the nation actually lies, grab your handy globe (or Google maps), where you'll see that the tiny Eastern European nation borders with Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Estonia. It's unclear where in Latvia Hannah and the boys will go, but the capital of Riga is an ancient city with museums, galleries, and castles, which would make great TV shots.

There are over 2 million people in Latvia, which is known as a leader in the dairy industry due to the fertile land.

Before Latvia, the group was introduced to the Scottish Highlands which was a lot of fun to watch, despite the Luke P. mess lingering in the air. The guys competed in The Highland Games, doing their best to impress Hannah with their performances in traditional Highland competitions. It made everyone smile, not least of all myself, when Hannah was the only one to actually hit the target in the ax-throwing event. Bow down, peasants.

So far this season, Hannah and the gang have been to Boston, Scotland, and Rhode Island. Latvia will surely make up for anything lacking in the previous trips, but promos for episode six promise more drama to come. Frankly, I can't help but wonder how Luke P. will muck this up too. Regardless of what's to come, or where the Season 15 cast go, there are quite a few standouts left in the competition for Hannah's heart. I hate to name drop (I don't), but Hannah seems to have the strongest connection with Jed and Peter. Tyler C. and Connor S. are close, and maybe it's just me, but I am very much "Mike Johnson for President." It's too close to call so soon, but I'm sure more will be revealed during this Latvia trip. Things tend to unravel fast when travel is involved.

The promos also show Hannah getting a little overwhelmed. It's unclear if it's because of the Luke P. drama or another guy, or something else entirely. But don't worry, Hannah doesn't let anything keep her down for long — especially not a man. I'm excited to see this whole Latvia experience unfold, who makes it to Hannah's "top dudes of the night" list, and who she sends packing. If nothing else, episode six will be a good indicator of who you might see on the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise (I'm looking at you, Luke P.).