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Your Summer Travel Plans Are About To Get A Lot More Exciting

Hallmark is at it again. June is the start of wedding season, but also the unofficial beginning of wedding-related original movies. Hallmark is the reigning champ of original, from-the-heart content, and the latest, Love, Take Two, is no different. This second chance love story has all the makings of the perfect wedding inspiration — complete with a swoon-worthy scenic backdrop. That said, where is Love, Take Two set?

Movies and TV shows are good at creating worlds that feel real. However, even if a setting is based on a real location, it doesn't mean that's where it was filmed. With Hallmark's Love, Take Two, I dug around to try to find the location the characters are supposed to be in, and it turns out the small, fictional town is called Pineville — the place where the main character attended college. However, the actual spot the crew filmed was Squamish, B.C. in Canada and the sights are breathtaking. Squamish, just north of Vancouver, is a majestic place surrounded by famous mountains like Stawamus Chief, bike trails, and the kind of scenery you couldn't envision until you're in it.

In an "on location" video posted on Hallmark's website, lead actress Heather Hemmens spoke about the morning commute to get to work each day saying they had to ride the Sea to Sky gondola (where visitors brag of seeing Shannon Falls — a waterfall that cascades down deep cliffs) between the gorgeous mountains. That doesn't sound like a bad deal, if you ask me. In behind-the-scenes shots, you get a preview of what the cast and crew were surrounded with during their shoot. I'm jealous, TBH. Hemmons's caption for the photo on her Instagram page said: "1st day on my new movie. Been working for 10 years and this is a milestone for me to lead a film. So grateful and having THE BEST TIME. I can’t wait for you to see it! Xo."

Now that I've covered the where, let me give you the what. Love, Take Two, follows reality show producer, Lily (Hemmens), as she returns back to her college town to film an episode of her reality show where three engaged couples compete by throwing the best wedding, The Wedding Countdown. All hell breaks loose when one of the couples decides not to participate and Lily has to find a local replacement couple willing to marry on TV. Imagine Lily's surprise when she stumbles into her college sweetheart ex, Scott (Cornelius Smith Jr.), and his fiancé, Brynn (Tara Erica Moore).

I'm sure you can see where this is going. Scott and Brynn agree to do the show, Scott and Lily start to rekindle those lost feelings, and in the shuffle, Brynn becomes more obsessed with appearing on TV than actually being married. Throw in the pressure of network executives looking over Lily's shoulder, then Scott and Brynn backing out of the competition to part ways, and you've got yourself the wedding movie of the year. It's a film about lost connections and second chances (not that you need more reasons to tune in).

2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

With all the amazing wedding movies every summer, make sure you have Love, Take Two on your radar. Sure, it's set in a fictional town, but that fictional town is the best kind of eye candy. If nothing else, it'll inspire you to plan your next trip — perhaps somewhere in the Canadian mountains.