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TBH You Had Me At Puppy Party, Hallmark

If you're a fan of love stories that involve fur babies, Hallmark's got some news for you. Not only is the network a big player at rom-com central, they're known 'round the globe for uniting all types of love interests. Whether it's second chances, or new love, Hallmark's Summer Nights has your back, in the most scrumptious settings. Among their summer lineup is a film for all your dog-loving hearts (yay), but where is Love Unleashed set? Once you hear about this one, it won't matter.

Knowing the way Hallmark operates, Love Unleashed is going to make your heart go pitter patter in all the best ways. However, there's no mention of where the story takes place in the film, or on location. In usual Hallmark fashion, I'm willing to guess the movie was filmed somewhere in Canada, just as a lot of their movies are. Though I can't go into specifics, they've skewed towards British Columbia for a lot of their movies, maybe because the scenery is so lush. It's filled with gorgeous mountains, sparkling waters, and the greenest greenery you can imagine. Even if Love Unleashed isn't filmed there, I'll just go ahead and say what fans are thinking: it should've been.

As far as what Love Unleashed is about, prepare to have your heart burst from all the adorable pups. The synopsis says the movie follows Hailey (Jen Lilley), who owns Puppy Party Playdates (sounds like the best job to ever exist). She also works part time at her father's accounting firm and hasn't had the time to find love. Enter city planner and widower, single father Ryan (Christopher Russell), whose daughter, Emmy (Bailey Skodje), attends a puppy party, wants her dad to end up with Hailey, and wants to adopt one of the dogs. Obviously, Emmy is going to play the role of child matchmaker, but Hailey and Ryan are on opposite sides of a major petition for a city dog park. He's determined to get a new strip mall in place, while she's intent on the new park for her canine companions. Talk about a "ruff" start. This sounds like the plot of so many movies, but I digress.

Romance is set into motion when the precocious Emmy helps Hailey with an adorable puppy party because Hallmark. It wouldn't be a romcom without the "rom" after all. When things seem to be going well, an unfortunate snafu arises concerning a salty neighbor who reports Hailey for running the business out of her home. Ryan comes to the rescue (my hero), offering to take the puppers in until she figures something else out. What a freakin' guy. Sounds like the two should get married then and there, but Hailey thinks Ryan isn't into the idea of dating just yet, even feeling a little insecure compared with his assistant, Kelly (Lindsay Maxwell). The kicker comes when the two plan and execute a puppy-themed engagement party (side note: I need this in my life) that's a huge success. Mix in more confused interactions, huggable puppies, and Hallmark's Summer Night's charm, and the setting of Love Unleashed is the last thing you'll think about. Trust.

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I wish I could tell you exactly where Love Unleashed is set, but until the movie airs, I cannot. With the involvement of adoptable puppies, I'd like nothing more than to give you every detail about this film. Since I can't, you'll just have to tune in and find out for yourself. Go ahead. Try not to fall in love (with the dogs).