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The Self-Proclaimed "King Of The Jungle" Is From Where?

If you watched The Bachelorette premiere, you already know who Luke P. is, and why Hannah gave him the first impression rose. It's a big deal to be labeled a "standout" on the first night, and immediately singled him out as one of Hannah's frontrunners. That said, there are still some things I don't know about this guy. Like where is Luke P. from and how will that fare with "Alabama Hannah?"

Though his LinkedIn bio says he's in High Point, North Carolina (where he went to college at High Point University), it's slightly outdated. Luke P.'s ABC bio states he's a "good Christian boy" from Gainsville, Georgia who "prides himself on being able to get along with anyone." Considering his appearances in the previews for the season, I'm not so sure that's true.

Luke P.'s hometown has a lot to offer including Lake Lanier and the Botanical Garden near Atlanta. Luke P. may have a lot to offer if Hannah lets him stay through hometowns. Watch out, fellas; this one is in it to win it.

He and Hannah met the night she was announced as Season 15's Bachelorette on the After The Final Rose special following The Bachelor finale. More than that, Hannah remembered him during the premiere's introductions, which means he clearly left an impression on her. Maybe she had an instant thing for him and maybe she wanted to know more about him, too.

In his intro, Luke talked candidly about his religious awakening in college and how he now only dates with the goal of marriage. He also expressed that he admires NFL player Tim Tebow's spirituality. He may be a reformed player, but the southern roots are a definite plus. So far, sounds like he's the one to beat. I won't even hold that whole growling, "King of the Jungle" reference against him.

So far, Hannah's recovering from that whole Colton breakup thing nicely. Sure, she met his parents, then told him she was falling for him. And sure, she was open and vulnerable like he asked of her. And yes, the former pageant queen went all in with every wacky adventure, food tasting, and competition. Still, it wasn't enough to keep her in the game or get her the final rose and proposal in the end. All that said, Hannah rose from those ashes, and love her or hate her, she's going to try to find love on TV — for a second time. Competing against a slew of other men may not be the standard way of finding love for someone like Luke P., but he doesn't seem to think there's any competition at all.

Of course, it's not all roses (pun intended) in the future. If the promos are to be believed, it looks like Luke may even get into a physical altercation with some of the other guys — though these teases are often fake outs.

So maybe he hasn't earned her love just yet, but with the way his journey began, he'll be a hard one to beat, despite the drama to come. If the promos reveal anything, the other guys feel the pressure to dethrone this King, and fast.