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These Clues *May* Reveal Where Luke S. From 'The Bachelorette' Is Now

The Bachelorette Hannah knows what she's doing with her contestants. She's not afraid to prioritize the ones she's vibing with or call them out if they're bugging her. If you've been curious about how far one guy in particular made it in this show, perhaps you're wondering: where is Luke S. now? The Bachelorette contestant voted most likely to steal Nick Viall's driver's license is living his best life, probably.

Without giving any spoilers — because that would be rude — let me break down where I think Luke S. is, based on my own digging. First, the Washington D.C. Political Consultant (according to his ABC bio) isn't one of the clear standouts at this point. Though he was one of the first five to meet Hannah on After the Final Rose (and made a crude joke about "going South"), there are others who seem to have a stronger connection, and palpable chemistry, with the former Miss Alabama USA. I'm not counting him out for the final pick, but my gut says he won't get to the "down on one knee" moment. After scouring Luke S.'s social media presence, his Instagram account reveals he could already be back in D.C. There's a picture of him slyly leaning back against railing, with a caption that reads, "When someone reminds you it’s a three day weekend." It was posted recently and the location tagged is D.C. That would mean he's no longer on the show and back to the daily grind.

The self-proclaimed tequila expert may have even given a clue about his early departure in his announcement photo for The Bachelorette. The caption reads, "Hannah, I think I speak for all of us when I say we only want the best for you." Does that mean she sent him home, or that he's going all the way and sending a message of love and support to his lady? So many questions, so little time.

When Luke S. isn't on TV or fundraising for politics, he's a part-time waiter at Stoney's on P Street. His manager at the bar, Reese Edmonds, previously told DCist, "He wanted it to be Hannah. When he told me, I was a little intrigued. He said he thought he knew who the girl was: 'I do want it to be this chick from the South, her name is Hannah. She's really cute and goofy.' He really wanted it to be her."

It's hard to say where the men go after filming the show. If they're seen in public, fans might conclude they've been booted. On the other hand, they can't hide in seclusion for the rest of the season (or can they?). In any case, whether he's with Hannah or still rolling solo, I'll bet Luke S. is back to surfing or diving head first into Luke's Rasberry vodka — his newest product line.

I don't know where Luke S. is now, or what he was doing yesterday or last week, and maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. He's a busy guy and Hannah's season still has a few weeks left before the finale. And if he's not Hannah's number one at the end, there's always a chance you'll see him again in Paradise.