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Meera Finally Left Bran On 'Game Of Thrones'

Meera and Bran have been side-by-side for years, but now that Bran has been returned home safely, Meera is heading out on her own. So where is Meera going on Game of Thrones? She's finally going home.

When Bran and Rickon first met Meera she wasn't alone. It was her brother, Jojen, who was first interested in finding Bran and helped Bran figure out his warging powers. However, Jojen died on their journey to the three-eyed raven and never even got a chance to meet him.

Since then, Meera and Bran have gone through a lot together, the worst of which was losing Hodor and Summer to the White Walkers after Bran made a dire mistake. They were then rescued by Bran's uncle, Benjen, before finally making it to the wall and then Winterfell. Now that they're back in Westeros, it makes sense that Meera would want to return home.

Though she lost her brother, Meera still has a family she hasn't seen in years. Moreover, she knows very well what's coming and though one would like to believe Jon will be able to get the forces and weapons necessary to face the army of the dead, nothing's guaranteed. It's fair that Meera would want to be with her family during this dark time.

However, when Meera went to say goodbye to Bran the moment was almost as emotionless as when he reunited with Sansa. Of course, Bran already knew Meera was leaving before she said a word, but he definitely was sad to say goodbye, which clearly pissed Meera off.

Meera asked Bran if that was all he had to say to her and it turned out that was. He then revealed that Bran Stark was gone, something every one can probably agree on.

"You died in that cave," Meera said, referring to the night Hodor and Summer were killed.

Unfortunately, it seems true. Now that Bran has fully stepped in his role as the three-eyed raven, it seems every thing that made him into a human being has disappeared. So rather than a tearful goodbye between the two, Meera just walked out of the door, without so much as a hug from Bran.

This scene was very disappointing for fans, especially for those who shipped the pair. It always makes many wonder if this is the last time they'll see Meera or will she pop again in the future. Only time will tell.