Mia Bally From 'Married At First Sight' Is A Texan Girl

Fans of Married at First Sight have plenty of questions for Mia Bally. Shortly after she married Tristan Thompson she was arrested at the airport, preventing them from going on their honeymoon to Cancun with the other two couples. Although most of the questions about her arrest have since been answered there are still a few questions about Mia. For instance, where is Mia from Married at First Sight from?

Mia hails from Dallas, Texas, just like her husband. She's 29 years old and works as an airline recruiter. She's a devout Christian and is very involved in her church, which is why her arrest was such a shock to Tristan and to the viewers at home.

Following her arrest, Tristan and the producers obtained a copy of Mia's warrant, which contained three counts of stalking and one count of credit card fraud filed by Mia's ex-boyfriend, Jared Evans. Mia was then released two days later after the charges were dropped. On the show, she claimed there was a mistake in her identity and the charges were made by someone else in her name. Tristan believed her. However, it was revealed in the next episode that Mia had lied.

She confessed to Tristan that the charges came from her ex, which left Tristan feeling betrayed, but the pair were able to work it out with the help of the experts. Tristan even told Mia he loved her, and she revealed to the experts that the couple slept together, even though she was previously reserved physically. "He's my rock. I've been more physical than I would in any other relationship ever," Mia said.

Despite the fact that Tristan has forgiven her, fans of the show are still skeptical. Many think Tristan was too quick to forgive Mia and that she's probably still lying about her past and what happened with her ex. However, there are plenty others who have fallen for Tristan and Mia's love story, believing that if Tristan could forgive Mia, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Hopefully, that is true because there are still people in their lives who have a lot of questions, including Tristan's mother.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from E! Online, Mia and Tristan open up to Tristan's mom, Kathy, about the tumultuous first few weeks of their marriage. "She gave me little pieces of the truth and then she lied to me," Tristan shared. "She didn't trust me." Mia also gave her account of her time spent in jail.

"It was so scary especially when you've never had a run-in with the law before," Mia said. "Like oh my goodness, what is going to happen?" As a former prison guard, Kathy was sympathetic towards Mia, knowing what "they do to pretty girls," in jail. But Kathy was still skeptical.

"Now have you told him everything that would affect him?" Kathy asked Mia. Of course, fans will have to tune in to the new episode to hear Mia's answer to this question, but if it's anything other than a solid, "Yes," this could mean more trouble for Mia and Tristan, which would be a shame since they've just begun really moving in the right direction.

During the last episode, the couple quickly became comfortable saying, "I love you," to each other. Mia then moved into Tristan's apartment and Tristan said he would pay the rent because Mia was moving into his place. "That's what big daddy is supposed to do for his queen," Tristan told Mia. Obviously, despite everything, these two are smitten, but will it last with these questions from Tristan's mom? You'll just have to tune in and see.