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Where Is Negan Taking Daryl On 'The Walking Dead'? The Saviors' Sanctuary May Be Revealed

However you may feel about how the events unfolded in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, there's no denying that Negan absolutely decimated Rick and his crew. Physically, emotionally, mentally – they were left demolished by what was essentially a bloodbath. Initially, Negan was only going to kill one person, but events of the night kept snowballing: one turned into two, which turned into a zombie-slaying road trip, which turned into Negan pressuring Rick to cut off Carl's arm. Then Negan carted Daryl away as his prisoner, just to add insult to injury and make sure Rick stays in line. But where is Negan taking Daryl on The Walking Dead?

Negan is presumably bringing him back to the compound where he and the Saviors live, a former factory called the Sanctuary. Although audiences did see Rick and Co. infiltrate a Savior compound once and kill everyone inside, that was just one of many spots the Saviors get cozy. But while there are many outposts, the Sanctuary is their headquarters. One can assume that this is where Negan will keep an eye on Daryl while holding him hostage. But what kind of host would Negan be if he didn't also give Daryl a tour? Daryl is the audience's way into the inner workings of Negan's home, so there is a good chance we'll get to see it all through his eyes.

In the comics, the tour through the Sanctuary comes around a little differently. After Negan visits Alexandria to harass everyone for supplies, Carl hides away in one of Negan's trucks. He manages to kill a whole bunch of Saviors before Negan gets a hold of him. But instead of punishing Carl, Negan surprisingly takes a liking to him. He brings Carl back to the Sanctuary and shows off all the attractions: the harem of women Negan forces to be his "wives," the chained up zombie bodyguards, Lucille's miniature bed. Okay, I'm just kidding about that last one, but honestly it wouldn't be a stretch.


Negan and Carl go on to form a strange kind of relationship, but it looks like Daryl might end up taking on that role in the show. According to an interview Jeffrey Dean Morgan did with The Hollywood Reporter, Negan sees potential in Daryl and wants to bring Daryl over to his side; Negan wants to utilize Daryl's skills by making him one of the Saviors. Knowing Negan, his methods aren't likely to be pleasant.

That would certainly change things when it comes to the characters' dynamics with each other. Rick has now been robbed of three people he relies on, and Daryl is trapped behind enemy lines. It's anyone's guess whether he comes out of it intact.