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Here's Where Sasha Obama *Might* Be Going To College

Graduation season has come and gone with its requisite photos and parties, and now we’re on to the lazy days of summer. For some graduates this is also a time of planning to make that first move into the freshman dorm, shopping for supplies, and getting to know a new roommate. And this year one of those inbound college freshmen is no less than a former First Daughter. Where is Sasha Obama going to college in the fall? Only one school can proudly claim her as their own.

June 9 was the day that Sasha Obama officially ended her college prep career by graduating from Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. Her family was in attendance, according to W Magazine, as was former Vice President Joe Biden, whose granddaughter was also graduating. Now she is rumored to be heading to the University of Michigan, though the Obama family has not confirmed this.

The guess on U of M was made based off of a photo posted to an Instagram that Page Six claims is Sasha's "private account." In the alleged photo were Sasha and two of her friends standing in front of the University of Michigan’s football stadium. The alleged photo was also tagged with the school’s name. But again, this has not been confirmed by the Obama family.

In the past it was thought that the former president and first lady would return to Chicago when their youngest daughter graduated school, but now that plan seems to be on hold for a while longer. Michelle Obama told People. “When Sasha comes home for breaks, she’s going to want to come home and see her friends in D.C. If we’re in Chicago, we’d be competing with that. So we’re gonna be in D.C. for a few more years, for sure.” She added that the plan after that is to see where their two daughters end up and to be close to them.

Sasha and her sister Malia have been in the news recently as they’ve stepped out at a few celebrations. First came some prom photos that were posted on Twitter, showing Sasha and her date alongside her mom and sister.

A few weeks later the entire family were seen in France where they spent Father’s Day. Several people caught snaps of the family and uploaded them to Instagram showing them sightseeing and shopping around Avignon. Michelle later posted a sweet Father’s Day tribute to her husband in a photo with his daughters.

It’s good that they’re enjoying some family time before they all jet off different directions this fall. President Obama has been vocal about how hard it was for him to leave Malia in her new dorm when they dropped her off at Harvard two years ago. At a reception for the Beau Biden Foundation he said leaving her behind was “like open-heart surgery”. Though he was proud he didn’t cry in front of her he had a moment with his Secret Service detail “looking straight ahead, pretending they weren’t hearing me as I sniffled and blew my nose. It was rough,” he said.

Enjoy the summer, Obamas! Pretty soon it will be time to do that all over again, times two.