Quantrell Colbert/Netflix

'Sextuplets' Goes On A Wild Road Trip With Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans is on a mission to reunite with his six long-lost siblings in a new Netflix comedy, Sextuplets — which should be enough to tell you this is gonna be a goofy one. So where will this journey take him? People wondering where Sextuplets is set probably want to know just how "out there" this comedy is going to get.

Based on the Sextuplets trailer, I can pinpoint at least one of the locations: Masonville, Alabama. The sign on a fenced gate for Masonville Correctional Facility is front and center as expectant father, Alan (Wayans), sets off on a journey to find his birth mother only to discover he's not an only child after all; he has five other siblings. Russell is the first of the siblings he meets, but it's unclear where he resides. Next up is Jaspar in an unidentified office. It's his sister, exotic dancer, Dawn, who's released from the 'Bama jail. When he visits Baby Pete (who's in need of a kidney) in the hospital, there is one small clue on a background computer that says "Jackson," but it's hard to decipher. The trailer shows farmland and upscale neighborhoods alike so really, it's anyone's guess where the main portion of the movie takes place.

Since the rest of the character locations aren't known at this time, here's what I know about the place previously known as Masonville, Alabama. The historic town, now known as Killen, is part of the Florence - Muscle Shoals Metropolitan Statistical Area known as "The Shoals." With a population of just over 1,000 people, there isn't a lot to the area other than the Tennessee River. Despite the size, Killen is a business friendly area, with several manufacturing industries, including aluminum, rubber, and steel. All of that aside, Sextuplets is pure fiction and location may have little to do with Alan's journey.

Perhaps even more interesting than the actual location of the movie is the fact that Wayans plays all six of the siblings (I told you it was a goofy one). "It’s crazy. I have so much respect for anybody that’s ever gotten in this makeup to do this,” Wayans told BET.com earlier this year. "Eddie Murphy should have won an Oscar for The Nutty Professor. When I seen him at the table playing six people, that blew my mind as a grown ass man."

Sextuplets was written by Mike Glock, Rick Alvarez and Wayans, partnering with Michael Tiddes, who directed Wayans’ previous Netflix movie, Naked. Sextuplets marks their fifth project together, according to Deadline, and Wayans had an existing relationship with Netflix for his stand-up special, Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish. "Excited to be in business with Netflix on yet another project," Wayans said in a statement as reported by Deadline. "I love how they embrace comedy and diversity. I am looking forward to doing the thing I love most… comedy."

So Sextuplets' setting isn't meant to be the focal point of the movie — but that doesn't mean it won't be a wild ride.

Sextuplets is now streaming on Netflix.