Never Been To This Place In South Africa? 'Shadow' Will Change Your Mind

If you think you've seen all the fast-paced thrillers, you're wrong. Among the latest crop of Netflix releases comes your next favorite series, Shadow, with a stellar cast and fresh, new story line. Whether you've heard of it or not, one clear aspect of the eight-part series that sets it apart is its international location. Now that I've got your attention, you're going to want to know where Shadow is set so you can mentally prep for all the awesome about to stream your way.

Shadow takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa — something its leading man shares. Pallance Dladla, who plays Shadrach "Shadow" Khumalo, was born in Soweto, Johannesburg which was also the same home as Nelson Mandela at one time. Pretty cool, right? In case you came looking for a quick geography lesson, Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and boasts tons of museums that capture its rich culture and history. If you've never been, you'll get your own private tour while indulging in this crime-show treat.

The series itself follows an ex-cop, Shadow, who was once struck by lightning and now feels no pain. Yikes. Of course he has to use that new trait somehow or it wouldn't be much of a fast-paced thriller, as advertised. Plus, what a waste. With his newly found superhero-ish power, he tosses his badge in exchange for a new life as a vigilante justice warrior, helping anyone evading police capture and those who remain powerless to the violent crimes in the area. The South African backdrop further adds to the story arc, making this one powerful series, as shown in Dladla's Instagram pictures.

Director Gareth Crocker said of Shadow, it's a "fast-paced emotional thrill-ride, which, thanks to its exotic locations and international storylines, will appeal not only to African viewers but viewers all over the world." He went on to add how great it is to have the endorsement to open "international doors, not just for Motion Story, but for other emerging film studios in Africa."

And while there still isn't a ton of information out there about Shadow, the mega-talented cast includes Dladla as Shadow, Khathu Ramabulana, and Amanda Du-Pont as Shadow's love interest (she's also a South African actress, television host, and model). Basically all this talent, plus one picturesque location and a killer plot equals your new fav. Thanks, Netflix (and South Africa).

Kelly Luegenbiehl, Netflix’s vice president of international originals for Europe, Turkey and Africa, said in a statement, "Great stories are universal, so we expect this gripping teen drama, with its view on contemporary high school life, to appeal to young adults from South Africa, as well as the rest of the world."

If you've never been to South Africa, now's your chance. Through Shadow, you'll get a first-person view of Johannesburg and all it has to offer, so pay attention to the background. And if you never get to South Africa, Shadow might be the series to tempt you into going. If nothing else, you can say you've been through a friend of a friend (of a friend of a friend), who is Pallance Dladla. Close enough.

Shadow premieres March 8 on Netflix.