Matthias Clamer/Netflix
The Cast Of 'Westside' Is On Their Way To Making It Big

by Mishal Ali Zafar

With its new unscripted series, Westside, Netflix is bringing about a whole new genre of reality TV. It’s part documentary, part reality drama, with a variety of music videos and performances mixed in. The show follows nine talented musicians on their path to stardom, while they produce and perform their original music. After following their journey on the series, fans are wondering what the hopefuls are up to. So where is the cast of Westside now?

Breaking into the music industry is tough enough, but making it big is even tougher. There are a growing number of media platforms that artists can use to showcase their music, but getting attention among millions of singers isn’t easy. On Westside, viewers get an inside look into the lives of nine emerging artists — Sean Patrick Murray, Pia Toscano, James Byous, Caitlin Ary, Austin Kolbe, Leo Gallo, Taz Zavala, Alexandra Kay, and Arika Gluck — who are working hard to propel their careers forward.

The series started filming in 2017, so fans want to know what this talented brood is doing nowadays. Did anyone land a record deal, or are any of them going on tour? After combing through their social media pages, it looks like the cast of Westside seems to be doing pretty well.

Sean Patrick Murray

As a cast member and co-creator of Westside, Sean Patrick Murray is busy promoting his new series. From the looks of his IG page, the singer-producer is still happily married to hubby Andy Hotchkiss, and the couple recently traveled to South Africa to celebrate their honeymoon.

Pia Toscano

After appearing on Westside, American Idol alum Pia Toscano continues to pursue her singing career. She was recently on tour with David Foster, and posted a few of her jaw-dropping performances from “The Hitman Tour” on her IG page.

James Byous

Jame Byous is one of Westside’s more gritty singers, and it looks like he’s been spending his time hitchhiking across the country. In a recent IG post, Byous wrote that after his cross country adventure, he’s ready to get back to work.

Caitlin Ary

Caitlin Ary is currently busy promoting Westside, and it looks like she’s left her two-year gig at the Las Vegas show Baz to continue pursuing her singing career.

Austin Kolbe

One of the more colorful cast members of Westside, Austin Kolbe is still playing the piano and making music. He’s also been spending some of his time modelling for a clothing company called DRTY DSCO that makes unisex bell bottoms.

Leo Gallo

Like most of the cast, Leo Gallo is busy promoting Westside. The singer is currently dating Carly Matsik, and although he hasn't posted any career updates, you can find artsy, inspirational posts on his IG page.

Taz Zavala

If you’re looking for more music from pop singer Taz Zavala, you are in luck, because she just released her single “Honey” this summer. While working on her career, Taz continues to focus on fitness and still makes homemade cover videos with her boyfriend.

Alexandra Kay

Alexandra Kay was new to the LA music scene on Westside, but it looks like she (along with her 6-year boyfriend from Indiana) has settled in pretty well. On her IG page, she has posted pictures from her performances from small acoustic shows, along with pictures of double dates with Taz.

Arika Gluck

As the youngest cast member on Westside, it looks like 19-year-old Arika Gluck’s musical career is just getting started. The singer has been busy promoting the upcoming series and is fully enjoying the spotlight.

It's safe to say, with the release of Westside, this group of talented singers is going to get a huge career boost. Hopefully, their new found popularity will help bring them the success they have been working so hard for.

Westside is currently streaming its eight-episode season on Netflix.