Here's What Tyler's Sister Amber On 'Teen Mom OG' Is Up To Now

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra's sister, Amber Baltierra, entered an Austin, Texas-based rehab facility for drug addiction in May. And given the difficult circumstances, it's no wonder why some people want to know where Tyler's sister Amber is now.

Similarly to Tyler's dad, Butch Baltierra, Amber struggled with drug addiction for most of her adult life. The good news? Amber — a mom-of-two — decided to seek help for her issues in May.

"These two. They’re my rock. Mommy loves you more than you guys may know right now, Amber captioned an Instagram shot of her kids, according to Radar Online. "You both deserve nothing but the best and I will give that to you. I’m gonna miss you these 90 days."

Although Amber was supposed to be in rehab for three months, it looks like she extended her stay. Want some proof? On Oct. 27, Amber shared a picture of Austin's skyline, writing: "#Austin💕."

Additionally, it looks like Amber is communicating with her kids via FaceTime, a sign that she still might be in Austin. It's completely possible, however, that Amber is back home in Michigan and that these posts are throwbacks.

Wherever Amber might be at the moment, it's clear she is a big topic of discussion among Teen mom OG fans. Many people aren't impressed that Amber allegedly trashed Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra's first home, a property they let her live in for a while.

Last Monday's episode featured a segment of Tyler and Catelynn walking through the messy home — which had been condemned — in total disbelief.

What the f—k, Catelynn said as she examined the damage, while Tyler exclaimed, "You've gotta be kidding me right now," after he spotted a burnt vacuum cleaner.

Uh, how does one burn a vacuum? So many questions.

Amber entered rehab shortly after vacuum-gate, a development Tyler was cynical about at the time. Clearly frustrated by what had happened at his home, Tyler vented, according to Radar Online: "Being responsible is so difficult! It's so hard! Poor baby."

Tyler later clarified his anger, writing on Twitter:

On TONIGHT’S NEW EPISODE of #TeenMomOG things get intense when my sister Amber heads to treatment. You’ll likely see me irritated & insensitive about the situation...but at the time, I was just so emotionally exhausted. I’m just a human with limits! Tune in at 9/8c on @MTV.

There's a good chance Tyler and Amber are on better terms these days now that she's sober.

"So proud of myself 💜💜💜," Amber captioned an October photo of her 4-month sobriety chip, according to Instagram.

Amber also thanked Tyler in an emotional message about her sobriety, captioning an old shot of herself, according to Starcasm:

This is from one year ago today. Me drowning in self pity.. it’s amazing what you can do in a year.. 3 months actually.. like seriously people.. I love these 12 steps. I love the Big Book. I LOVE RECOVERY!! My life and mind set is so much better than this sh*t right here #ThankYouDaddy #HeSavedMyLife This gift of recovery and love that @baltierramtv has blessed me with.. exposed me to this way of life.. is a gift that keeps on giving. I’m forever grateful for you father. All that bullsh*t when I was kid is NOTHING compared to what you have done for me as an adult.. my kids can actually have a mother. I can be a sister.. and I can be a daughter. I love you old man

Aww. It's clear Amber truly loves and appreciates her brother.

Whether Amber is in Michigan or Austin at the moment, there's a good chance fans are rooting her on during this recovery journey. It's obvious Amber is trying her best, after all.