Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

Winston Didn't Last Long At The 'Love Island' Villa

Winston arrived as a later addition to Love Island, but didn't manage to swing an extended stay at the villa. He was sent packing after a pair-up left him without a partner. So where is Winston after Love Island? After his brief sojourn on the show, fans may be wondering how he's handling his expulsion from the villa and whether he's moved on to any new endeavors.

Winston only exited the show last week, so it doesn't seem like he's had a lot of time to embark on his next adventure. Love Island airs essentially the same day it's filmed, so it's about as close to real time as you're going to get in a reality TV show; it's not like the various series under the Bachelor umbrella, which are shot months before they end up on your screens at home. Winston's ousting from the villa just happened a few days ago, on Love Island and in real life.

Social media often offers the most up to date information on someone's day to day life, and it seems like Winston is still thinking about his time on Love Island. In fact, his entire journey with the show can be summed up neatly in five Instagram photos, perfectly capturing his brief time in Fiji from beginning to end.

On Jun. 27, he appeared to announce that he was interested in joining the show by posting a picture of himself and Brett Robinson with the caption, "Is there any love for a couple bros on Love Island?" (Apparently not.) He followed it up with another photo of himself and Brett on the beach on Jul. 8. This time, it was an outright plea: he wanted to find a "dog mom" for his pooch Dixie, so he encouraged his followers to message the official Love Island account so he could settle into the villa to find love. The hashtag #GetWinstonToTheVilla accompanied the picture.

Winston got his wish, because he did arrive in the villa the week of Jul. 18. He celebrated slightly ahead of time on Instagram on Jul. 14. This time the picture was just of Winston, reading Aziz Ansari's book Modern Romance. (Just a tip, Winston — maybe choose a different book. All things considered.) "Studying up before I walk into the [Love Island] villa..." he wrote, before giving a shoutout to his boss for allowing him the time off to zip on over to Fiji. "Now it's time to find a girl," Winston concluded optimistically. He hoped his future love interest would love dogs.

Alas, it was not to be for Winston, because the Instagram post directly after his arrival was about his departure. He posed next to a statue of a woman and joked that he'd "finally found a woman who was interested on my way out" of the show. He thanked everyone for their support and cheered on the singles left behind, so he seemed to take the whole experience in good humor.

His final (and most recent) post on the topic was a bit of nostalgia for his Love Island promotional photoshoot. But he fit some reflection in, too. He was "unbelievably thankful" for the opportunity and seemed to appreciate that it would give him another "funny story" to share about his life. One could assume Winston is back at work, or perhaps decompressing after his stint on the show. He hasn't shared exactly what he's up to, but he seems to be doing just fine.