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Where Is Wyatt On 'Westworld'? He May Be The Answer To The Maze

Westworld is filled with plenty of mysteries, but one of the more recent ones is where is Wyatt on Westworld? Is he even in the park yet or will he be added in as part of Dr. Robert Ford's new narrative? We've already seen Wyatt in Teddy's flashbacks, so we know what he looks like, but that could just mean Ford knows what Wyatt will look like when he's done, not that he's already made him. If that's the case, what is Ford waiting for? He gave Teddy this backstory and now Teddy is on a new adventure, but if he can't actually find Wyatt then what's the point?

It seems unlikely that Ford would just lead Teddy on this wild goose chase for no reason, and it's clear the addition of Teddy's backstory is part of Ford's mysterious plan. So Wyatt will have to show up at some point — it's just a matter of when and where, and most importantly why? Whatever Ford has up his sleeve, it's going to be big and Wyatt seems to be a central part of it. All we know so far about Wyatt is he was a soldier with Teddy, but started to believe he was hearing the voice of God in his head and went a bit crazy, which seems to tie into what Ford told Bernard about his mysterious partner, Arnold. Coincidence? Probably not.

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Arnold wanted to give the hosts consciousness by putting their own voices in their head so that it would seem like they had their own thoughts. (Pretty creepy, I know.) Unfortunately, this caused the hosts to go crazy, believing they were hearing, you guessed it, the voice of God. Is Ford just drawing from the past in this new narrative or is Wyatt somehow connected to Arnold? It's becoming more and more likely that Arnold and Wyatt are tied together somehow, especially now that the Man in Black is looking for Wyatt too as part of the maze game.

The Man in Black knows about Arnold and believes the maze will allow for an even crazier and more violent level of play in Westworld. Wherever Wyatt is, he seems to be the key to almost everyone's questions. It seems once Wyatt is found, Westworld will change. The only question is — will it be for the better or for the worse?