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If You Have Royal Pram Envy, Here's Where You Can Find Similar Styles

Princess Kate and Prince William welcomed their latest addition yesterday — a sweet baby boy. With the birth of the newest royal baby comes the inevitable onset of royal baby fever. I mean, it's hard to not get sucked in. Those kids are awfully cute and their little royal lifestyles are definitely intriguing. From their wardrobes, to backpacks, to shoes, the public loves a peek into royal life and a chance to outfit their own kids as the Prince and Princess choose to. So if you're wondering where to buy a stroller like Kate Middleton, you're definitely not the only one. The newest prince will likely ride the same carriage as his older brother and sister: the Silver Cross Balmoral pram.

According to Architectural Digest, the Silver Cross Balmoral pram has been the buggy of choice of the royal family since 1926. The pram, which is just another name for a bassinet-type stroller for young infants, is known for its high-end design, high-end details, and high-end price tag. Silver Cross touts themselves as the creators of the world's first baby carriage, and the style of the pram hasn't changed much since the company's inception in 1877, Architectural Digest noted. Queen Elizabeth II was actually the first baby to be pushed around in the Silver Cross pram, and then she pushed her own children in the same one. The carriage was also used by royal moms Princess Beatrice, Princess Diana, and now Princess Kate.

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The pram is available to anyone willing to pay the hefty price tag — about $2,300, according to Town & Country. But what if you've got royal taste on a not-so-royal budget? Well, to be totally honest, a pram isn't the most practical piece of baby gear if you're living a typical, non-royal lifestyle. They don't fold up or transport well, they're pretty spendy, and they don't serve much purpose after your little one is able to sit up.

But, if you've got your heart set on a pram (and there's nothing wrong with that), here are some options from classic to practical, all less than the cost of the royal pram.


Inglesina Classica Pram

Inglesina Classica Pram, $1500, Amazon

This is basically a Silver Cross doppleganger — the sleek, classic look, muted colors, and high-end appearance (and price) all scream royal. If you've got the cash for a pram (or are expecting a big gift), but not enough for a Silver Cross, this might be your best pram option.


Silver Cross Wave

Silver Cross Wave Stroller, $1300, Silver Cross

If you fancy the Silver Cross brand but want an option that doesn't include the Balmoral pram price tag, check out the Wave. This stroller has the same sleek, classic design you'd expect from Silver Cross, but is definitely a more practical option for most people. It even eventually converts to a stacked-double stroller with a variety of seating options should you decide to later add another child to your family.


Roan Kortina Classic Pram

Roan Kortina Classic Pram, $560, Amazon

This stroller has a classic pram look for when your baby is an infant, and then converts to a stroller more practical for toddler use. The look is classy and high-end, but it's much more affordable for everyday use.


Joolz Geo2

Joolz Geo2 Earth Complete Stroller, $1000, Buy Buy Baby

There's no doubting the luxurious look of this stroller — it's impeccably designed, and known for its ease of use, maneuverability, and comfort. Your little tot is sure to sit pretty in this sweet bassinet-style stroller (which does come with a toddler seat to convert later on).


Diono Quantam

Diono Quantam Stroller, $500, Buy Buy Baby

This is one of the newer strollers on the market, and with this one, Diono delivers high-end style and function at a mid-level price. The bassinet and toddler seat are both included up front, as are adapters for Cybex, Nuna, and Maxi Cosi infant car seats (adapters for Graco, Chico, and Peg Perego infant car seats are available, but sold separately).

If you've got prams on the brain because of Princess Kate's latest birth, you're surely not alone. There's a multitude of pram-style options, with higher-end classic prams and more practical pram-style strollers. Whichever one you end up choosing for your own little bundle, they are sure to ride like a royal.

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