9 Places To Buy Easter Egg Dyeing Kits Online

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and every day feels a little warmer. All of the signs suggest that Easter is just around the corner. As you prepare for the holiday, it's helpful to know where to buy Easter egg dyeing kits online. Because, thanks to the internet, your egg decorating choices are almost endless.

Whether you're looking for the classic kit or something a little extra, the world of Easter egg dyes will not disappoint. For the simple dye kits you probably used as a kid, Amazon and Target both offer a fun array of colors and styles. To get more intricate creations, though, you can order a special kit from Etsy to make some truly dazzling designs. (Check out photos of Ukrainian Easter eggs on The Huffington Post for some jaw-dropping inspiration.)

If plant-based dyes are more your style, there are plenty of indie sellers who provide all-natural options. With dyes made from things like beets or purple carrots, they are (more or less) good enough to eat. Oh, and you can even use ceramic eggs to make this tradition totally animal-free. Whatever your taste or lifestyle, these dye kits can help make your Easter celebrations a little more memorable.


The Classic

PAAS Friends Egg Decorating Kit, $6, Amazon

Does this bring back memories? With the PAAS Friends egg decorating kit ($6), you and your kids can dye and wrap many colorful eggs. Oh, and there's also a pack of stickers.


The Naturalist

Natural Egg Dye Kit, $9, Amazon

Made with dyes from plants such as beets, blueberries, and turmeric, the Natural Egg Dye kit ($9) is perfect for a springtime celebration. It's also vegan and GMO-free.


The Glitz & Glamour

Dudley's Eggceptional Decorating Kit, $9, Amazon

If your kiddo is drawn to all that sparkles, then this is the kit for you. With dye and glitter included, Dudley's Eggceptional Decorating Kit ($9) is sure to shine.


The Eco-Friendly

Eco-Kids Eco-Eggs Coloring Kit, $15, Amazon

Made with veggie dyes, the Eco-Kids egg coloring and grass growing kit ($15) is sure to be a hit. You can even use this kit to grow a little patch of grass for your colorful eggs.


The Next-Level

The Delrin Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit, $15, Etsy

If you have older kids who are artistically inclined, this special kit is perfect. The Delrin Ukrainian egg decorating kit ($15) has everything you need to get started with beautiful batik eggs. You draw on the shells with melted beeswax to create intricate designs, dye the eggs, and admire your handiwork.


The Traditional

Doc Hinkle Easter Egg Dye, $28, Amazon

If you're into all things vintage, then this is the perfect kit for you. Manufactured since 1893, Doc Hinkle Easter egg dye ($28) has been enjoyed for generations. Instead of dip-dyeing, you paint the colors directly onto your eggs.


The Intricate

Easter Unlimited Pearlescent Egg Coloring Kit, $11, Amazon

A quick-drying dye, the Easter unlimited pearlescent Easter eggs kit ($11) can make gorgeous designs on your eggs in no time. It's a great choice if you're wary of other dyes getting too messy.


The Sweet & Simple

Easter Unlimited Easter Bunny Egg Coloring Kit, $5, Amazon

This one covers all the basics. The Easter Bunny egg coloring kit ($5) comes with dye tablets, dipping supplies, and a little matching game.


The Vegan Option

Eggnots Dye Kit, $6, Eggnots

If your family is vegan, or someone has an allergy to eggs, then you can still take part in this fun tradition. This dye kit from eggnots ($6) can be used on the company's dyeable ceramic eggs. You can enjoy Easter dyeing fun without using real eggs.