Where To Buy Fake Christmas Trees Online That'll Look Good Forever

As a Maine girl whose parents pulled her on a sled to cut down a real Christmas tree before she could even walk, I've always looked down my nose at artificial Christmas trees. But as a mom of two little ones who can barely manage to schedule a wellness visit, let alone a family Christmas tree outing in balmy Texas, no less, I am ready to fully embrace the appeal of a fake tree. If you too need to know where to buy the best fake Christmas tree online, you'll find this handy guide quite useful. Because while artificial trees have come a long way in the last decade, they are not all created equal.

Whether you're looking for the most realistic-looking tree or taking a non-traditional approach with a bright pink or rainbow douglas fir, the internet can deliver exactly what you're looking for when it comes to the best artificial Christmas trees. You'll need to keep a few things in mind when you're making your final choice though, like how tall you want it to be or whether you want a pre-lit tree, in order to find the perfect one for your home. Luckily every color, style, shape, and height is available online, so trust that you will find exactly what you're looking for.

So kick back and get ready to make the jump to the dark (and green) side with this list of the best fake Christmas trees online. Bonus: you won't get an ounce of tree sap on your coat this year.

Balsam Hill

BH Fraser Fir (from $349,

If you're looking for a realistic tree, Balsam Hill is your go-to. They look so authentic you could almost smell them! They even offer a 'shop by realism' option so you can choose 'traditional' or 'most realistic,' to start to narrow your search for best one for your house based on just how much you want to fool everyone who visits into thinking you have a real tree. Each tree comes in a range of sizes that go up incrementally by six inches, making it easy to find the perfect size for your room.


Winter Park ($149, Hayneedle)

Hayneedle is a great bet for traditional green trees, but where the site really excels is the selection of colored trees in varying shades of white, silver, gold and red. If you're the type to shun those more realistic trees and want something with more of a wow factor, Hayneedle is your bet. They even have me eyeing that pre-lit white tree that looks like a winter wonderland!


Treetopia Color Burst ($320, Amazon)

Shocking absolutely no one, Amazon has the most out-there options for Christmas trees, like this bright rainbow Christmas tree. If you're looking for a very specific hue, Amazon is the place to look. I plugged in 'champagne christmas tree' and managed to come up with more options than I ever thought could exist for such a specific color. The other benefit to shopping for fake Christmas trees on Amazon is that you'll easily be able to see at a glance whether the tree is getting good reviews or if the color is more gold than champagne. Thank goodness for those enthusiastic Amazon reviewers!


White Full Flocked Vermont Pine ($150, Michael's)

I remember when flocked Christmas trees were the tackiest of tacky, but of course, 2017 is the year when everything has been turned on its head. Lo and behold, flocked trees are making a come back! Which is why you'll need a peek through Michael's website. They have some of the best ranked flocked trees (in addition to a range of un-flocked trees, pre-lit and otherwise), ranging from a snow dusting to a full-on blizzard.

Home Depot

Unlit Dunhill Fir ($120, Home Depot); Pre-lit pink Tuscany tinsel ($222, Home Depot)

Home Depot has one of the best ranges of unlit Christmas trees if you're the type to want to untangle and wrangle strings of lights yourself — or if you've managed to hang onto one of those amazing sets of vintage bulbs like our grandparents used to use.

In addition to unlit trees, the store also stocks a ton of pre-lit options as well as wacky colors like flamingo pink. And an added benefit is that you can take a look at many of them in the store if you're still dubious that they'll look like the photos in person when the box arrives.

Pier 1 Imports

Pre-Lit Snowy Pine ($125, Pier 1 Imports)

Finding a pre-lit tree is an easy task, but finding one that's pre-decorated is a little more tricky. The best way to keep your pre-decorated tree from looking cheap and tacky is to scale down the size and have a look at Pier 1 Imports. They have a small range of pre-decorated and pre-lit artificial trees with a nice smattering of baubles or pine cones that will save you from the hassle of doing it yourself.

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