Where To Buy Fingerlings Online, Because They're Flying Off Store Shelves

As October flies by, and Halloween draws nearer and nearer, the reality of the Holiday season also dawns upon us all. And whether or not you and your family celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, something else, or nothing at all, you've likely started to notice your local Walmart putting out Christmas decorations and specialty commercials starting to air to advertise toys and deals for the holidays. With that, your kids might have mentioned the newest popular toy to hit shelves this year: Fingerlings. So, where can you buy Fingerlings online? There are actually a lot of options if you're looking to get your little one a new toy.

Fingerlings first started garnering attention earlier this year, and are already topping just about every list of hottest Holiday toys this year. Fingerlings are basically tiny little interactive animals that attach to your child's finger and start to act like real creatures. According to CNN, they "react to sound, motion and touch through two sensors on the top of their heads. Stroke their head and they'll make a cooing sound; blow kisses and they'll make smooching sounds back at you. You can also gently rock them to sleep."

Obviously, they're pretty cute, and whether your kids have just one Fingerling, or more than one, the possibilities for play are practically endless.

And what's more, they're actually not a ridiculously overpriced item. Fingerlings cost only $14.99 and come in a variety of colors, and animal options as well. So far, there are the original monkey Fingerlings, as well as sloths and unicorns which will be available soon.

Unfortunately, though, it seems that the popularity of the toys, as well as their reasonable price, have made them virtually impossible to find online to purchase. The toys are completely sold out at Toys "R" Us, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon. And, currently, those are the only retailers that officially carry to toy brand.

But, be sure to check back regularly as they'll likely re-stock their Fingerling stock before the holidays. Even better, there's a tracker that'll do it for you.

Of course, there will always be sellers on Amazon and eBay that will advertise Fingerlings at a higher price, but those are often fakes, or even if they are real, they are still a rip-off. So, in case you start to scour the internet for Fingerlings this year, here are some tips to spot the real toys from the fake ones, according to I4UNews:

Gigi the Baby Unicorn is a ToysRUs exclusive. Buying it from anywhere else means likely you are buying a fake.
Glitter Baby Monkey Amelia is an Amazon exclusive. Only buy from Amazon directly.
Avoid buying from sellers located in China or other areas with long shipping times.
Remember that the regular list price of Fingerlings is $14.99, only GameStop charges $16.99.

So, while there might not be any Fingerlings online and available at the moment, hopefully, they'll be back in stock again soon.

Until then, though, it might be a good idea to check any local Facebook sale groups in your area. There might be some local parents who bought too many Fingerlings or who changed their mind about them and are willing to sell for a reasonable price. Of course, there's always still the possibility of finding Fingerlings on eBay, or other resale websites, but those will likely come with some pretty hefty price gauges.

At the end of the day, though, if you're wanting to get Fingerlings in time for the holidays, then you still have some time. It's only October and (hopefully) the toy will be restocked before it gets to be too late. Because seriously, there's no denying that Fingerlings are just about the cutest toys out there, and the fact that they're cheap and small? Well, they're basically the perfect toy.

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