Funfetti Just Came Out With 2 New Mixes & One Of Them Is Chocolate Cake (!!)

It's time to give your banana bread pan a break and bust out your favorite cake and brownie-making supplies: Pillsbury's new Chocolate Funfetti Cake and Funfetti Blondie mixes are here for your baking (and eating) pleasure — and here you thought it couldn't get any better than the original Funfetti mix.

These new treats come at the perfect time, when everybody is in serious need of a little fun (fetti). One caveat: While you can buy both of the mixes right now, they're currently limited releases: The blondies can be found as select Publix, Food Lion, and Menards stores, according to Simple Mos: PopSugar says the chocolate cake mix is on the shelves of some Acme, Fresh Thyme, and Menards stores. But the good news is both of the mixes will be more widely available in September, when a wider release of the products is planned. (And, honestly, it's nice to have something so delicious to look forward to this year.)

What's so great about these two new mixes (besides, well, everything) is that there's something for the chocolate lover as well as for the vanilla fanatic. You can whip up some fabulous chocolate Funfetti cupcakes and top them with Pillsbury's Confetti Funfetti chocolate fudge icing for the ultimate chocolate indulgence and bake up a pan of colorful blondies for the vanilla crowd, since they're the classic alternative to brownies. While you can of course add any of the many delicious Funfetti frosting options to your treats, the vanilla marshmallow-flavored Fluffy Frost is one of the best.

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Both mixes are sure to be delicious on their own, but it won't hurt to keep an eye on Pillsbury Baking's social media, because they're always coming up with yummy tips and tricks to take their products to the next level.

If you can't snag a box online, visit the Pillsbury website's chocolate cake product locator or the blondie mix locator. And don't be too sad if you can't get your hands on a mix quite yet, because you can just bake up some of the original mix until the wider release in September. Practice makes perfect, after all.