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Where To Buy Minions Costumes

Despicable Me 3, the most recent installation in the Despicable Me series, arrives in theaters on June 30. But if your little one goes gaga for unicorns, minions, and the battle of good versus evil, you probably already knew that. If you've been prepping for Despicable Me 3 ever since Despicable Me 2 was released in 2013, you just might need to know where to buy minions costumes for kids, so that you and your kid are both ready to kick back in those plush, comfy chairs, snack on some popcorn, and watch those funny little minions back on the big screen once more.

When I was growing up, years ago, everyone's favorite wizard eventually made his way to the big screen. Everyone dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween, threw Harry Potter-themed birthday parties, and attended book launches donning their best wizard wardrobe. People loved those characters then — albeit perhaps in a slightly different way — as kids love those somewhat bizarre, gibberish-speaking, yellow pill-shaped minions now. Still, dressing up as your favorite character to go to the movie theater can inject a bit of pomp and circumstance to an otherwise routine moviegoing experience. It's fun. If your kid wants — or needs, please Mom? — a minion costume to wear for your Despicable Me 3 viewing, here's what you need to know about where to find them.


Minion Romper

Minion Romper, $9, Amazon

This 100 percent polyester, full-body Minion costume will keep your toddler quite warm in those chilly movie theaters. Also, since it's not modeled after any one minion, they can be whichever they want, no costume change required.


Minion Dave Costume

Minion Dave Costume, $13, Amazon

If Dave is your kid's favorite minion of the bunch, he'll love this easy pullover Minion costume. It might not be the best choice if he wants to easily sit down, however, so keep that in mind.


Minion Kevin Costume

Minion Kevin Costume, $14, Amazon

This Minion costume, depicting Kevin, is also a full-body version. It's more conducive to movement — including sitting during a movie — than some of the others, so if you kid loves Kevin, this might be the costume for them.


Stuart Minion Inflatable Costume

Stuart Minion Inflatable Costume, $50, Target

This very unique costume of Stuart the Minion might not be the best choice if you're looking for something to wear to a movie screening, since it would likely get in your way. It could, however, be good for a Despicable Me-themed party, Halloween, or dress-up on a Tuesday.


Minion Bob Kids' Costume

Minion Bob Kids' Costume, $35, Target

This Bob the Minion costume is perfect for your little kids who want a complete costume that's still comfortable and provides ease of movement. Those little ones don't like to sit still for long, after all.


Kids Mel Minion Costume

Kids Mel Minion Costume, $25, Spirit Halloween

This full-body onesie Mel costume is, according to the Spirit Halloween website, specific to Despicable Me 3, making it the perfect thing to don before heading to the theater. The costume comes with gloves and the headpiece, but you'll have to find your own minion-style shoes.


Minions Headband

Minions Headband, $7, Spirit Halloween

For the little one who sin't interested in going all out when it comes to wearing a costume, this Minions headband is a good compromise. It's festive and fun, but doesn't require the commitment of a full-body get-up.


Child Minion Dress Costume

Child Minion Dress Costume, $13, Party City

This Minion dress is cute and comfortable, yet still festive. If your little one is not so big on the jumpsuit idea, it could be just the thing.


Kids Minion Dave Pullover Costume

Kids Minion Dave Pullover Costume, $27, Spirit Halloween

This Minion Dave costume, like the other pullover costume, might not be the best choice if your child is looking for something that'll allow them to easily sit and move around. If Dave is their favorite of all the minions, however, they might be able to be swayed.


Minion Dave Child Costume

Minion Dave Child Costume, $17 or $18, Amazon

If your kid wants to dress up as Dave the Minion, but they don't like the idea of a pullover costume, this might be just what they're looking for. A blue and yellow jumpsuit, with three-fingered gloves, headpiece, and goggles, this costume will have them movie-ready in no time.


Minion Tutu

Minion Tutu, $50, Etsy

If your tiny Despicable Me fan is also a bit of a fashionista, this Minion tutu costume will be exactly what they're looking for. The feather hairpiece really puts it over the top.


Minion Baby Clothing Set

Minion Baby Clothing Set, $36, Etsy

For the infant that needs to dress up like a minion, look no further than this Minion baby set. It's comfortable enough for an infant who doesn't want to be constricted or dealing with itchy fabrics, but perfectly fitting for a screening of Despicable Me 3 or neighborhood trick-or-treating.


Children's Minion Onesie

Children's Minion Onesie, $44, Etsy

Given that it's summertime, this Minion onesie might be a little warm for your child. But if they like that cozy, pajamas feel, this will do. It'll also keep them nice and warm in a freezing movie theater.


Minions Costume Dress

Minions Costume Dress, $68, Etsy

For your dainty minion fan, this Minions costume dress won't feel too much like a costume, but still allows her to partake in all the blue and yellow fun.


Evil Purple Minion Costume

Evil Purple Minion Costume, $35, Etsy

Is your kid more into the evil minions than Gru's gaggle of good ones? Or do they just prefer purple to yellow? This Evil Minion tutu costume will have them covered no matter the reason.


Kids Evil Minions Costume

Kids Evil Minion Costume, $27, Spirit Halloween

This pullover Evil Minion Costume is just the costume for the kid who's favorite minions are the evil ones, but also prefers the pullover style to a jumpsuit.


Evil Purple Minion Dress Costume

Evil Purple Minion Dress Costume, $27, Etsy

Do you have a little girl who dresses in purple from head to toe? If so, this Evil Minion dress is perfect for her. Let's her dress in all-purple, but still fit the theme.


Minion Girl Costume

Minion Girl Costume, $30, Target

This Minion costume includes the jumpsuit, gloves, and, of course, minion goggles. If you have a kid opposed to pants that still wants to dress up like a minion, this might be a good option for them.


Minion Child Shirt And Headpiece

Minion Child Shirt And Headpiece, $14, Amazon

Other than the headband, the Minion shirt and headpiece just might be the simplest, most straightforward costume on this list. A minion face on a T-shirt and a headpiece that gives you minion hair is all you need.


Children's Deluxe Comics Super Hero Cape & Matching Mask Costume

Minion Super Hero Cape & Matching Mask Costume, $13, Amazon

Does your kid love super heroes and Minions? Then they'll love this Minion super hero cape and matching mask. It's the perfect summer costume.


Female Minion Romper

Female Minion Romper, $16, Amazon

Your miniature, dress-loving Minion fan will don this Minion romper during a trip to the theatre. The goggles on the headpiece are a nice touch, because then they won't have to wear anything on their face.


Minion Jorge Costume

Minion Jorge Costume, $26, Amazon

If your kid's favorite Minion is Jorge, they'll flip over this pullover Jorge costume. Like the other pullover costumes, however, this one really doesn't allow for much easy movement, so if they'll be sitting for hours, it might not be the costume for them.


Minions Girl Jumper Costume

Minion Girl Jumper Costume, $9, Amazon

This more tailored look also features leg-warmers, a hat, three-fingered gloves, and, of course, minion goggles. The pleats and lace hem make it a little bit girly-er and more grown-up, if a Minion costume can ever be truly considered grown-up.