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Where Can You Buy Minions Fidget Spinners?

by Elizabeth Helen Spencer

Do you have your movie ticket already? Despicable Me 3 opens today and you don't want your kids to be the only ones who haven't seen it. Plus, school is out and the heat is already getting to you — a cool, dark movie theater is the best place to be. After your family enjoys the latest misadventures of Gru and the infamous yellow minions, you'll need to find something to satisfy your kids' minion mania and keep them occupied at home. And since you don't already have enough minions toys, how about knowing where to buy Minions fidget spinners.

Why fidget spinners? There are plenty of Despicable Me toys out there, and odds are good that your living room is already littered with some of them. But fidget spinners are this year's hottest toy, so your kid will probably ask for one. Best of all, you can get a minions fidget spinner without spending a lot of money — most of the options are under $20. From e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay to smaller online retailers, there are a few great sources for minions fidget spinners. Whatever your child's favorite color and favorite minion, you're guaranteed to find a fidget spinner that will be a hit throughout all these lazy summer days.


Ebay has a wide selection of minion fidget spinners, including this Kevin Fidget Spinner ($15) and the Gru and Dru Fidget Spinner in white ($6). You'll find lots of colors to choose from, as well as extras like LED lights.

You'll also find the lowest prices on eBay, such as these Despicable Me 3 minions fidget spinners ($1). Some sellers offer free shipping and/or "buy two get one free" deals, which is helpful when you're buying for multiple children.


Three-sided Bob Fidget Spinner, $20, Amazon; Official Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner with Minion Key Chain, $4, Amazon

Not surprisingly, Amazon has a variety of minions fidget spinners for sale, including this three-sided Bob Fidget Spinner and the Official Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner with minion key chain. Some of Amazon's fidget spinners are eligible for free shipping through Prime, so you can easily add one to your next delivery of household essentials.


You may not expect to find minion fidget spinners on Etsy, but they do have several good options such as this set of Glow in the Dark Minions Fidget Spinners ($25) and a Minions and PJ Mask Custom Fidget Spinner in pink ($12). Some of Etsy's fidget spinners glow in the dark, which is perfect for playing outside on summer nights. All are customizable, so you could add a different character to reflect your child's favorites.


SmartyKoo is a technology and gadget-oriented online store with a whole menu devoted to fidget spinners. There is a Stuart Fidget Spinner ($18) and a Minions Fidget Spinner with all 3 characters ($20). SmartyKoo's flat-rate shipping fee is $2.97.


Fydget is an online store devoted to high quality fidget spinners with one Minions Fidget Hand Duo-Spinner ($35). The higher price may be more than you want to spend on a passing fad, but if you already know your child loves fidget spinners, it may be worth it to invest in one that will last.