Where To Buy Minions Toys

With the impending release of Dispicable Me 3, there's no doubt that kids everywhere will be jumping on the (seemingly never ending) minion bandwagon. If you're the parent of child, regardless of age, chances are you'll be searching high and low to figure out where to buy minions toys to keep up with your own little minion's wish list.

You won't have to look very hard, because the demand is high and stores are packing their aisles with minion-related everything. Nearly every nook and cranny of every supermarket and shopping center will be packed with the gibberish-speaking little yellow guys in the coming weeks and long after the film's been released.

Although the movies might seem like yet another children's flick that will pass over quickly, Forbes predicted that Dispicable Me 3 will be one of the biggest films of the summer and, if it performs well in the box office, is set to rival other legendary trilogies. The minions craze, it seems, is here to stay. (Until the next big release, of course).

As silly as the movies are, it's hard not to love Groot's mischievous sidekicks, and it makes sense that kids all over the globe will want in on the fun with some minions merchandise of their own. Here is where you can find your favorite yellow friends to bring home to your little one.


Toys R Us

Minions Movie 8 Inch Tall Talking Bob, $30, Toys R Us

Toys R Us will be your one-stop shop for all things minions related. This 8-inch Talking Bob is only one of the many minion toys being sold both in store and online. You can find everything from Minion sidewalk chalk ($50), to the Minions Pie Face game ($13), to Minions action figures at the country's biggest toy store.



Minions Mega Blocks, $15, Target

Target is another go-to shop that will be selling a variety of minions toys, like tMinions Mega Blocks, and so much more.



Sunstaches Official Minions Goggles, $7, Amazon

Of course, Amazon is the go-to shop for anything and everything under the sun and their minions merchandise is no different. With perhaps the most versatile shopping options, you can find anything from "official" minions goggles to 3D Minions fuse beads ($14), to Minions hats, and of course, Minion plush toys ($10).



Minions 6-Volt Rocket Car Electric Battery-Powered Ride-On, $99, Walmart

Walmart, of course, carries more than just Minions-themed toys. You need a Minions mini-car for your little guy? Stop at Walmart. Your kid wants a Minions birthday party? They've got you covered. You're having a Minions movie marathon? You know where to go. WalMart even has Minions apparel for the kid who wants to look like a minion everywhere they go.



Mega Bloks Despicable Me Dino Ride Building Set, $25, Sears

Although Sears might not be the first store to pop in your head when you shop for kid's toys, they've got a wide variety of minions goodies for sale in stores and online. Aside from this Mega Bloks building set, Sears sells Minions accessories like watches and t-shirts, water bottles, carabiners, and more.



Minions Lights & Sounds 3-Wheel Scooter, $42, Kohls

Aside from a huge selection of minions themed apparel for both kids and adults, Kohls features minions bedroom goods, toys like this three-wheel scooter.