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Where To Buy 'The BFG' Book, So You Can Read The Classic Before Seeing The Film

Feeling hopscotchy about seeing The BFG, which stands for Big Friendly Giant, this weekend? Back when Roald Dahl was squibbling the story back in the '80s, he invented an entire language for the residents of Giantland. It may sound propsposterous or even gruncious to some, but Gobblefunk has its own lexicon. Before taking kids to the cinema, experience Dahl's uniquely delightful way with words by reading the book the movie is based on. Wondering where to buy The BFG book? There are plenty of places to find it before the movie opens on Friday.

The BFG is likely for sale in most local bookstores, but there are many options for purchasing it online. Order a paperback copy of The BFG from Barnes & Noble for only $7.99; the hardcover version is $11.58. Buy The BFG on Amazon for only $4.65 in paperback; the hardcover version costs $11.58. The Kindle edition is available for $7.99 and can be read using the Kindle Cloud Reader or on any device equipped with the free app, so there's no need to specifically have a Kindle to read it digitally. Anyone who prefers the NOOK can download the digital edition of The BFG for $7.99 from Barnes & Noble; they also make it possible to read the book using an app. Fans of the fantastical headed on a long summer road trip may prefer to listen to the story instead. iTunes sells The BFG audiobook for $17.95. Buy The BFG audiobook from Barnes & Noble for $18.27, or get Dahl's book from Audible for $21.

The book is also available for purchase in multiple formats through Roald Dahl's website. The paperback version of The BFG is $6.60, the paperback book and CD combo is $12.26, and The BFG 30th Edition with a special gold cover and illustrated slipcase is $23.61. The hardback exclusive edition from Waterstones features previously unseen illustrations and ships from the U.K.

The BFG follows a young orphan named Sophie. According to Scholastic, the Big Friendly Giant teaches her all about his work delivering dreams to kids and reveals that his neighbors aren't quite so sweet. When Sophie learns the other giants' plan to pick out some children for their next meal, she and the BFG go on an extraordinary adventure to put a stop to it. Scholastic recommends the chapter book for children in grades three through five. Dahl infused the work with serious comedy, and Quentin Blake's illustrations add a touch of whimsy that make it a wonderfully fun, whoopsey-splunkers summer read.

Note: Gobblefunk words used in the story were found on Roald Dahl's website.