All New Hatchimals Are Coming & Where To Buy Them

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Hatchimals — the toy craze that parents scrambled for during last year's holiday season — the furry, glowing-eye critters are back. After being sold out well before the December holiday season, Spin Master, the company behind the self-hatching animals, announced that production had been ramped up so that there would be more Hatchimals available in spring 2017. On Friday, Spin Master announced two new additions to the Hatchimals family: Hatchimals Glitter and Colleggtibles — and here's where to buy them.

First, let's meet the newest members of the Hatchimals lineup. There's Hatchimals Glitter, which are glittery versions of two Hatchimals already known to fans: Pengualas and Draggles. The Glitter versions feature glittery fur and wings, and a sparkly new coating on their self-hatching eggs. Hatchimals Glitter will be available in stores this July.

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Then there's the super new hotness that is Hatchimals Colleggtibles: These are mini-sized plastic Hatchimals that come in mini eggs. While these eggs don't hatch on their own, kids can rub the purple heart on the outside of the egg until it turns pink, and hatch it by cracking it open. Hatchimals Colleggtibles will feature 70 different creatures to start, and Spin Master plans to release more sets as time goes on. Hatchimals Colleggtibles will be available in stores in May, in both single and 4-packs.

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According to the Hatchimals website, you can buy both the Hatchimals Glitter and Hatchimals Colleggtibles online and in stores. Hatchimals Glitter will sell for $59.99 and can be bought at both the Spin Master website and from Amazon, beginning in July. They will also be sold in-store at Target, Toys "R" Us, Walmart, and Kmart.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles will also be available at the same stores; single packs will sell for $2.99 each, and 4-packs will be available for $9.99. Given how fast the first generation of Hatchimals sold out in 2016, here's hoping that Spin Master has ordered a huge production run for their latest generation of Hatchimal critters — these are bound to be a huge hit.

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While some wondered if Hatchimals were going to be just another toy fad flash in the pan like so many Tamagochi, Furbies, and Tickle Me Elmos of yesterday, Spin Master still has more toy surprises up their sleeves: They've announced that Oct. 6 this year will be Hatchimals Day — with even more new Hatchimal surprises to be announced. Mark your calendars now!