Where To Buy The Original 'Pete's Dragon' Soundtrack, Because It's A Great Throwback

Another summer, another childhood movie remake. Coming to theaters Friday is Disney's Pete's Dragon, a CGI-inspired take on the classic film of the same name that dazzled audiences in 1977, with its innovative blend of hand-drawn animation and live-action footage. Fans of the original, iconic songs of Pete's Dragon, like "Candle on the Water": looking to relive your late-'70s Disney nostalgia before checking out the remake this weekend? Here's where to buy the original Pete's Dragon soundtrack: Thankfully, it's still widely available — and just as awesome — despite being nearly 40 years old.

Fun fact: You might remember that Elliot, the animated dragon and star of the film, looked and interacted with live actors much like the dancing penguins in Mary Poppins, released more than a decade earlier by Disney. The difference between the films was that, with a budget of $11 million, Pete's Dragon was Disney's most expensive film to date at the time. As stunning and memorable as the animation techniques of the original Pete's Dragon were at the time, its soundtrack was just as loved. "Candle on the Water" was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Score Song in 1978.


If playing an actual CD in an actual CD player is your thing, head over to Amazon to pick up a copy of the original Pete's Dragon soundtrack on CD. When you buy the CD, you'll also get a free MP3 version of the album, so you can sync it with your digital music player of choice, too. If you have Amazon Prime, you can even get it just in time for Friday's premiere of the remake.

iTunes & Google Play

If digital tracks are more your style, skip the plastic CD for the original Pete's Dragon soundtrack on iTunes or the Google Play store. Pete's Dragon is available not only as a complete digital album on both platforms, but you can buy individual tracks from the soundtrack if you'd rather put "Candle on the Water" on endless loop for maximum nostalgia.


Speaking of nostalgia, if you really want to kick it old school, you can actually still buy the original Pete's Dragon soundtrack on vinyl on eBay. You won't necessarily be able to find an unopened copy — and if you do, it's usually pretty pricey — but if you're a hardcore Pete's Dragon fan or Disney hipster, you can snag the vinyl if you're willing to go on the hunt for it.


Oh YouTube, is there nothing you can't provide? You can actually listen to the entire 1977 Pete's Dragon soundtrack on YouTube, as well as watch clips and trailers from the original film.