Where To Buy 'Wonder Woman' Dolls For Your Kids

Wonder Woman smashed several box office records this weekend, and with the stellar reviews the movie is getting, it's likely to continue to be popular in theaters for awhile yet. And whenever there's a popular film franchise, especially of the superhero or supernatural/fantasy variety, there's usually tie-in merchandise too. With a little bit of shopping around, it's not hard to figure out where to buy Wonder Woman dolls for your kids — or for yourself, no judgement here.

Bloomberg reported that Jim Silver, the editor of toy review site TTPM.com, told the publication that he estimated that sales this year for Wonder Woman toys tied to the movie will be about $100 million. And that's only for sales tied to this version of the Amazonian superhero.

To get in on that collectible toy action, there are many places where you can buy Wonder Woman dolls based off of the figure in the new movie. According to Bloomberg, Wonder Woman dolls and accessories at Walmart actually outnumbered the collection of Spider-Man memorabilia. Kudos to Diana Prince on that one, because beating out the famous web-slinging superhero is no easy feat.

Even Patty Jenkins, the director of the new Wonder Woman movie, may be on the lookout for these dolls. She told Rolling Stone magazine that her son is after the collectibles now too, and she agreed with the interviewer that it feels like they've reached a "turning point" for female representation in media. She told writer Gina McIntyre:

I have an 8-year-old son. Watching his attitude shift from being a kid who's stuck in all the classic "I-can't-wear- that-shirt, it's-too-girly" to needing every incarnation of the Wonder Woman doll and saying, "I have to have her to fight in the battle, I've got to have Wonder Woman" ... it's hard not to get emotional.

If online shopping is your preferred method of shopping, there are a ton of options. Mattel.com has Wonder Woman dolls, in several different varieties of the new version of the superhero — there are different outfits, weapons, and appearances for each one.

Target.com appeared to have several Wonder Woman dolls as well, plus other characters from the new movie. Many of them are likely available in Target stores, though it might be a good idea to call ahead and check to be sure other collectors and kids haven't already snapped them up.

And indeed, Walmart seemed to have Wonder Woman dolls available on its website too, in both the classic style and the new DC Comics movie-verse versions (Although at first glance, the classic Wonder Woman dolls seemed to be more popular there).

The online retail giant Amazon has Wonder Woman dolls too — along with a bunch of other Wonder Woman-related collectibles and toys, like a plastic toy shield and mini figurines.

And Toys "R" Us has a bunch of doll versions of Wonder Woman as well, so if the toy store is your preferred option for toy shopping (or your kids love it there and you want to give them a treat), that's another option.

Plus, there's a Funko Pop! Heroes Wonder Woman available, if you're a collector of the extremely popular Funko toys. The Funko website lists other Wonder Woman exclusive collectibles too, that have either already been released to certain stores, or that should be available soon.

There are apparently a ton of places where you can buy Wonder Woman movie dolls, in whatever version or outfit that you like, and with several different accessories. With the massive popularity of the movie, however, they might not remain on the shelves (or be available online) for long.