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Get Your Hands On Beyoncé's Outfit From Her Twins Instagram

Beyoncé broke the internet once again on Friday after she took to her official Instagram account to post the first photo of her twins, Sir Carter and Rumi. It was a momentous occasion for fans who had been waiting patiently for official word from the singer regarding the little ones' arrival since early June. Of course, while the twins' presence was arguably the highlight of the announcement, fans and onlookers alike were also no doubt wondering where they too could get Beyoncé's instantly-famous "Twins Instagram" outfit, and really, given how drop-dead gorgeous the whole get-up was, can you blame them?

The outfit itself — a flowing purple, pink, and blue robe with billowing sleeves and a long train that reaches the floor (a stand-out from the Palomo Spain collection, a beautiful, high-end designer line marketed toward queer men); a pair of blue lingerie bottoms; and a sheer, aquamarine veil — is stunning to say the least. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's, you know, Beyoncé beneath the veil, with her golden, wavy hair, glowing skin, and a look on her face that screams, "I've seen into the void and know the fate of the Universe, because I'm the mother of all, would you like the secret to life? It's $49, but if you pay $59, you'll get a bonus track and a pop-out poster of the twins riding mini-unicorns." But regardless, the singer's outfit definitely stands out.

It's definitely not the first time that Queen Bey has ignited the internet with speculation over her fashion choices. Back in February, the singer sent fans madly Googling when she posted her pregnancy reveal on Instagram as well, wearing a similarly sheer veil — that time, a light, seafoam green hue — a pair of Liviara Dauphine panties in powder blue, and an Agent Provocateur Lorna scalloped underwire bra in a deep wine shade. The bra is currently sold out online, although fans can still get their hands on the panties, and a matching Liviara Dauphine bra to go with them, if they so desire.

It wasn't immediately clear which designer was behind Friday's stunning birth announcement, but that didn't stop fans from trying to suss out a few look-alikes. For those still seeking a Bey-inspired outfit of their own, here are a few reasonable stand-ins (because let's face it, that robe alone was probably handcrafted by the gods on Mount Olympus and blessed by a thousand cherubs, and even if it were available in stores, it would probably cost you $7,000,000 and your own first-born child).

This Floral, Ankle-Length Silk Robe

It may not have the same costume drama-feel that Bey's flowing masterpiece has, but this Christine Designs blossom-printed robe, which retails at $520, is a great place to start if you're willing to shell out a bit of cash. Find it at Neiman Marcus.

A More Affordable Option

Listen. I understand completely that $520 is a lot of money to spend on a robe (or anything), so if you're concerned about not being able to afford that flowy purple number from Christine Designs, this silk tie-robe from Old Shanghai is your next best bet. It comes in 11 different colors, ranging from black to plum to blush and white. This aqua number isn't the same floral-y pink and purple shade that Beyoncé's robe might be, but it certainly echoes the sea-glass color of her veil, and really, inspiration over exact imitation any day. Right? Bonus: This Chrysanthemum & Crane Kimono Robe retails for just $27.95 and can be purchased online.

This Affordable But Totally On-Theme Underwear

OK, so they're not Beyoncé Blue, but still — this lace/mesh Stella McCartney underwear is totally on trend, and so pretty. Plus, it's an affordable (if you're willing to splurge a bit) $40 over on Net-a-Porter, so I think it's safe to say that Beyoncé would be pretty proud of you for snagging this smart alternative anyway.

... And The Original

Fans and fashionistas are torn over whether Beyoncé is wearing the same pair of blue Dauphine panties in Friday's Instagram photo as she did in her February announcement, but either way, it's definitely one to treasure. Made of silk charmeuse, the powder-blue high-waisted underwear retails at $62, and needless to say, it's already pretty iconic. You can buy it on Liviara's site now, and if you aren't feeling the blue-hue, don't sweat it — it also comes in pink, eggplant, and ivory.

So there you have it — four perfectly Beyoncé lingerie options that you can purchase to replicate her gorgeous birth announcement, if you so desire. And as for that veil? Sorry, you'll have to pray to the Bey-gods to get your hands on one like it, or sacrifice your second-born child or first-born pet. I don't make the rules.