Here's Where You Need To Be On Friday To Get A Free Donut For National Donut Day

by Lindsay E. Mack

There is one random holiday that everyone loves, and that is National Donut Day. At donut shops all over the United States on June 1, people can just waltz in the door and grab a free treat. It's glorious. So knowing where to get free donuts on National Donut Day is crucial, because you need to plan ahead for such a big reward.

Both donut chains and local bakeries celebrate National Donut Day, so you're probably going to get the chance to sample some free treats this Friday. Some places require another purchase first (such as a drink), whereas other locations offer a donut for free. Although a lot of larger chains are profiled here, definitely check with your local donut shops and bakeries for deals specific to your town or city. Whether you live in an intimate neighborhood or a sprawling metropolis, there's probably a free donut, doughnut, or do-nut with your name on it this Friday.

In recent years, the holiday has grown tremendously in popularity, perhaps fueled by all those #NationalDonutDay tweets. In fact, even Burger King is (surprisingly) trying to get in on the donut game this year with the Whopper donut, which is apparently a regular Whopper with a hole cut in the middle, as noted by Thrillist. To be honest, this is a little less frightening than the idea of a burger made with donut buns.

Food stunts aside, this holiday actually has a charming place in American history. The first National Donut Day was celebrated in 1938 to honor the "Doughnut Lassies" who volunteered with The Salvation Army, bringing clothes, supplies, and baked goods to the troops during World War I, as noted by The Salvation Army's official website.

Because supplies were scarce on the front lines, some volunteers fried up donuts in soldier's helmets to cheer up the troops. A national love for donuts soon swept America, and the rest is history. So if you're in need of a donut fix come Friday, here are the places you need to go.


Dunkin Donuts

Buy a drink, get a free donut. It looks like Dunkin' Donuts is celebrating this holiday perfectly with this special promotion. Also, donuts and coffee go together like nothing else, so feel free to tank up accordingly.


Krispy Kreme

At participating Krispy Kreme locations, customers can just walk up and enjoy a free donut on June 1, no purchase necessary. You even get a choice between original glazed or chocolate iced. It's a beautiful world we live in.


Edible Donuts

Would you like an alternative to the usual fried dough? No worries. Edible Arrangements (yes, the company that makes those "floral" fruit arrangements) is offering a free chocolate dipped apple shaped like a donut for National Donut Day. Find a participating Edible Arrangements location and drop by Friday. The chocolatey rings certainly look pretty tasty.


Stan's Donuts

This Chicago chain does not play around with National Donut Day. Roll up to their Wicker Park location at midnight for a whole box of free donuts. (In my opinion, late-night donuts are even tastier than early-morning donuts.) Chicago road trip, anyone?


Tim Horton's

A year's worth of donuts for getting up early? Sign me up, Tim Hortons. All you have to do is ask for the Gold Timbits. Granted, this isn't exactly the same deal other stores are offering, but the chance to win a year's worth of donuts is pretty great.


Shipley Do-Nuts

Buy anything at a Shipley Do-Nuts this Friday and get a free glazed do-nut. It's that easy. Just find your nearest Shipley Do-Nuts location and plan accordingly. These shops have a devoted following for a good reason, and now you can try their treats for free (sorta).


LaMar's Donuts

For National Donut Day, LaMar's is offering a free donut this June 1. Online ordering and delivery is available at select locations, which is just part of what makes LaMar's Donuts so popular. A Kansas City favorite since the 1960s, this shop also delivered donuts by drone for last year's National Donut Day, which is the best use of drone technology ever. Swing by if you have a LaMar's nearby.