Remember The Inflatable Glittery Chairs Every Girl Had In The '90s? They're Back

If there was one piece of furniture every child in the '90s craved, an inflatable chair was it. These lightweight, plasticky pieces of decor were found in the corner of every cool kid's room. And like most everything else from that decade, they are making a comeback. Inflatable glittery chairs are at Target now, and no one will blame you for adding one or two to your current furniture collection. In fact, any fellow '90s kids would be delighted to take a nostalgic seat in one of these things.

In many ways the 1990s were a simpler decade, when the music was fresh and inflatable furniture was a completely appropriate choice in home decor. For whatever reason, neon-hued inflatable chairs and couches that you used inside the house just made sense at the time. Chances are, you and a friend used to spend long summer afternoons lounging on these bad boys and flipping through a dELiA*s clothes catalogue.

Granted, these beloved chairs weren't the most durable things of all time. Plus, inflatable furniture was prone to deflating, as well as awkwardly sticking to your skin, as noted in Buzzfeed. Still, nothing can quite top the feeling of lounging about in furniture that is all yours. Recreate that sensation today by browsing Target or similar retailers for these glittery inflatable chairs.


Inflatable Glitter Chair


Inflatable Glitter Ottoman


Glitter Inflatable Chair


Pink Inflatable Chair


Donut Inflatable Chair


NSYNC Inflatable Vinyl Chair