Khloé Kardashian's Maternity Line Is Launching Sooner Than You Think & Here's How Get It

Celebrities are trendsetters for a reason — the things they wear and do are often looked upon and emulated by fans trying to match that same exact style. But when you're pregnant, matching your favorite celebrity can be tricky, thanks to your growing belly and limited maternity wear options. Luckily, there are celebrities out there who are trying to make this easier, like Khloé Kardashian. Since becoming pregnant, Kardashian designed a denim line just for expectant moms called Good Mama, so of course you're probably dying to know where to get Khloé Kardashian's maternity line so you, too, can emulate your favorite celeb.

Since Kardashian announced in December that she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, she has been so honest with her fans about her cravings, her struggle to name her baby, and her thoughts on pregnancy in general. Because of her awesome honesty, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Kardashian is getting real about her thoughts on maternity wear, too and her one solution to fixing that problem — by creating a maternity line for women, Good Mama, as an offset of her denim line, Good American.

"Until this point, no maternity denim options spoke to me — most of what's out there lack the stylish, fun details that I want to wear or simply isn't flattering," Kardashian told People. "With this collection, we set out to create a permanent denim line for all women of all sizes and stages of pregnancy, and even months after the baby is born."

If this sounds like a convincing pitch, you can buy Good Mama jeans only on the Good American website, according to Newsweek. If you're more of a cautious buyer that likes to try things on before making that big purchase, then you might be out of luck.

If you're a little more cost conscious, Good Mama might seem a little steep. The prices are expected to range from $149 to $179 and come in sizes 00 to 24 — but comfort and style, especially when you're pregnant, is priceless. Based on Kardashian's quotes about the line, it is definitely something that pregnant women will want to invest in. "I want women to feel sexy, empowered, and bad ass in these jeans," Kardashian told People. "Good American is also a 'baby' of mine, so celebrating both my pregnancy and the expansion of our business has been very special."

If this has sparked your interest, you're in luck — Good Mama will launch on Good American's website on the morning of Thursday, March 15, according to Women's Wear Daily. Based on the way Kardashian and her adorable bump looks in the jeans, it is a style that expectant moms could very well want to imitate.

Designing a maternity line isn't too far of a stretch for Kardashian. Kardashian launched Good American in 2016 with designer, Emma Gerde, as a line for everyone. So it makes sense that with all of the major changes going on in Kardashian's life, this maternity line is simply just a natural extension of that. Kardashian told Teen Vogue at the time:

I get offered a ton of things all the time, but this collaboration with Emma was a true partnership, and this is something I truly believe in, which is women's empowerment. I used to be heavier and bigger, and a lot of the designer denim boutiques didn't carry my size. I always felt fat-shamed, and it was embarrassing, and you don't feel god about yourself. I wanted to wear the denim that my sisters wear, and be cute and fashionable.

During an appearance on The Ellen Show in January, Kardashian told host Ellen DeGeneres that she was going to wait "as long as possible" to wear maternity clothes, according to TODAY. But now, at eight months pregnant, she is not only wearing them, she is helping other pregnant women by designing a stylish line, too.

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