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Where To Get Nasty Women T-Shirts? This Is An Item You'll Want ASAP

What. A. Night. Wednesday night's final presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, was full of quotable moments — some more astounding than others. One in particular was when GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump interrupted his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, calling her "such a nasty woman." How presidential of you, Mr. Trump! The internet leaped on the opportunity to remark at how Clinton just let it roll off her shoulders like it ain't no thang. Time to reclaim the moment — so where can you get a "nasty women" t-shirt? Because I need one like, yesterday. Sadly, they don't seem to be available yet. But it's only a matter of time before the people of Etsy reclaim this crude comment.

Here's the thing: Had Clinton been a man, no one would have dared call her any number of pejoratives you could call a man. But because Clinton is a woman, and because Trump can't stand losing to a woman — or, it would seem, can't really respect women at all — he had no qualms interrupting Clinton — a former First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State — to call her a "nasty woman." I'm still reeling over the fact that this really just happened on live, national television. In frighteningly misogynistic instances like these, it's important for women to reclaim their power — so sign me up for a "nasty woman" t-shift pronto.

After leaked, previously unaired footage from Access Hollywood showed Trump saying he could grab women "by the p*ssy", women across the country have reclaimed the word as a point of empowerment. One woman even braved a Trump rally to wear her very own "Grab My P*ssy" t-shirt to make the point.

According to Elle, 18-year-old Anna Lehane's shirt read "Grab My P*ssy, I Dare You." In an interview with Elle, the young woman said, "you need to value yourself and what you're trying to say and you can't let anybody, no matter how powerful they may seem, quiet you," It was an incredibly bold move and a powerful statement against misogynists like Trump. Of course, when anyone tries to point out Trump's own misogyny, he claims "nobody respects women more than I do." But within the span of 90 minutes, Trump impressively did a 180 on that belief when he called Clinton a nasty woman.

So how does the internet respond? By reclaiming the power for Clinton that Trump sought to take away from her in the first place.

If standing up against sexual assault, standing up for women's rights, standing up for human rights makes Clinton a nasty woman — well, then I guess that makes me one, too. And I'll wear that t-shirt with pride.