Where To Get Solar Eclipse Glasses, Because You'll Want To Watch Safely

There are a few rare events you can actually witness in your lifetime, and luckily soon, a solar eclipse will be one of them. On Aug. 21, there will be a total solar eclipse, but because you should never look directly at the sun, you'll need to know where to get solar eclipse glasses so you can view the wonder safely.

Before you buy solar eclipse glasses, explained Fox 46 Charlotte, it’s important to make sure they are certified with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard, have the manufacturer's information printed somewhere on them, are not older than three years, and the lenses aren't damaged or wrinkled. The article stressed that wearing even very dark glasses isn’t safe for your eyes, so it’s best to stick to proper eclipse-worthy eyewear.

But don't get too panicked. A quick search on Amazon will yield a ton of choices, like this 3-pack of Solar Eclipse Glasses from American Paper Optics ($20). If you want to get a little fancier, Amazon offers a Solar Eclipse glasses kit by Celestron ($14), that comes with hard frame glasses, a photo filter to take pictures of the eclipse, and a complete eclipse information guide.

You can even find solar eclipse glasses at national retailers like REI and Walmart. Walmart has a 100-pack of eclipse glasses ($65) which would be perfect for school or community viewing event, while REI sells a 4-pack of Celestron glasses ($10) that come with the Celestron Eclipse Guide.

You may even be able to score some free glasses. According to NBC News, more than two million glasses will be given out for free at select libraries across the U.S. in participation with the National Center for Interactive Learning. You can find a participating library near you through Starnet Libraries.

So before you go outside to watch the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, make sure you have good quality solar eclipse glasses. Watching the moon completely block out the sun will surely be an amazing sight, as long as it’s done safely.