Where To Get Teal Pumpkins For Halloween 2018, Because You Won't Be Handing Out Candy This Year


If you're starting to see teal pumpkins pop up on stoops around your neighborhood, there's a pretty cool reason why. Teal pumpkins symbolize that your home will be offering allergy-friendly treats on Halloween night. I love that this trend has really started to take off around the nation (and even the world!). It's all about inclusivity and positivity. So, if you're wondering where to get teal pumpkins this fall, you've come to the right place.

There are plenty of retailers participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project this year, and we've rounded up the best places to score some original ones. But let's first just talk about how these colorful gourds became a thing. Since trick-or-treating with a child with a severe food allergy can be a real nightmare, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) rolled out the nationwide Teal Pumpkin Project back in 2014 to create a safer, happier Halloween for all kids, according to the FARE website. "Putting a teal pumpkin on your doorstep means you have non-food treats available, such as glow sticks or small toys. This simple act promotes inclusion for trick-or-treaters with food allergies or other conditions," the site explained.

Last year families in my neighborhood participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project gave out skeleton erasers and other non-edible swag. I definitely plan on getting in on the action this year. If you do too, here are some great places to stock up on teal gourds.


Hyde and Eek! Boutique Medium Teal Pumpkin


This adorable teal polyurethane pumpkin from Target is great for year-after-year use. Plus, it adds a fun pop of color to your stoop all autumn long, without having to worry about it rotting like a real pumpkin would.

2Pottery Barn (In-Store Only)

Faux Teal Pumpkin

Pottery Barn

I love this elegant teal pumpkin from Pottery Barn, available in stores only. It has a fun gold twisted handle, and a deep rich teal color. You can place it outside on Halloween night to let trick-or-treaters know you're participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project; then bring it indoors for the rest of the season to use as an eye-catching centerpiece.

3Target x The Teal Pumpkin Project

Hyde and Eek! Boutique™ Inflatable 15 Inch Teal Pumpkin


Go big, or go home, right? With this 15-inch inflatable teal pumpkin, you'll be one of the most recognizable houses on the block come trick-or-treat time. It certainly looks cool, but the best part about this pumpkin is that a portion of each purchase goes to support The Teal Pumpkin Project.


9" Teal Pumpkin By Ashland™


This teal pumpkin is nice and plump. Plus, you can use metallic gold marker pens to write or make intricate designs on it. It's the next best thing to carving your own.

5Glow Universe

Teal Glow Pumpkin Kit: 8 Glowing Pumpkins plus Extra Glow Bracelets

Glow Universe

This glow-in-the-dark teal pumpkin is comprised of glow bracelets. The kit includes 98 extra 8" bracelets that you can then pass out Halloween night as part of the Teal Pumpkin Project. You'll be the favorite stop on your block.

6Pier 1

Gracious Gatherings Collection Medium Blue Resin Pumpkin

Pier 1

With its unique hand-painted, weathered-blue teal color, this precious pumpkin will add some artistic flair to your stoop, in addition to letting the neighborhood know you're allergy friendly. It's hand-carved from resin and is designed for indoor and covered outdoor use.


Time and Tide Design Teal Pumpkin with Gold Stem


With this handmade painted foam pumpkin, you're sure to attract all the families from your neighborhood. It is the ultimate symbol of inclusiveness!

8Oriental Trading

Teal Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit

Oriental Trading

This kit from Oriental Trading is if you want to go the DIY route. You have to paint the pumpkin teal, but then the kit provides the fun stickers!