Bust Out Your VHS Tapes, Because An Epic 'Rugrats' Reptar Halloween Costume Exists

Coming up with costumes for the whole family is not an easy task. It's hard to please your kids and please your adult Halloween needs. Well, your problem is now solved if you don't mind forcing a little '90s nostalgia on your brood. First step? Finding out where to get the Rugrats Reptar Halloween costume because once you see it, you'll be totally sold on the whole Nickelodeon theme for the holiday.

Some genius invented the inflatable, full body suit to impersonate Reptar, the dinosaur from the beloved cartoon that was always on TV and on all the kids' snacks, like Reptar cereal and Reptar chocolate bars. Now, you can buy the costume online at sites like ThinkGeek and Spirit Halloween for $80, which isn't exactly a steal, but it's still pretty worth it. The site's description of the costume makes it sound like so much fun. The ThinkGeek product description reads:

The great thing about a Reptar costume is that you can't really go wrong. Want to chase your kid around the house? Do it. Want to reenact 'Reptar on Ice'? Hope you can ice skate. Want to eat some Reptar cereal? Okay, that may be difficult. So, this makes ALMOST everything better, and that's a success rate we're okay with.

How can you not want to hop into this thing stat?

This is hilarious and a great start to a family costume. If you have a couple kids or some neighbors who want to play along, you could do the whole gang. If you have an infant, even better, all you have to do is throw a blue shirt on the kid for the evening. There are adult Tommy Pickles costumes out there, but we really don't recommend those things. It's never a great look. But there are other Pickles family members and Rugrats you could dress up as alongside Reptar.

You Can Be Angelica & Susie

Pigtails, a purple jumper, and a striped shirt are all you need for an Angelica costume. Bonus points if you carry around a "Cynthia" doll, which you can make by modifying a Barbie's hair. If you want to add Susie Carmichael to your squad, all you need is a yellow dress, some red bows, and major attitude.

Turn Your Kids Into Twins, Phil & Lil

If you have more babies than grown-ups, this is great solution. But the twins also make a decent couples costume, too.

Or Dress The Kid Up As Chuckie Finster

Chuckie might be the cutest kids' costume around. Put on some oversized glasses, a space themed T-shirt, and a red wig to complete the look.

Someone Has To Be Stu & Didi

Oh, if only all parents could be so blissfully ignorant of the chaos their kids create.

Of course, these costumes really only work if you have a Reptar in the neighborhood squad. Rugrats nostalgia is coming back hard. In addition to purchasing this amazing inflatable costume to playfully torment your children, you can now also buy Reptar bars. FYE, which you might remember as the place where you bought actual CDs and tapes back in the day, is now selling pop culture merch. In a Facebook post earlier this month, the company announced that its store are now selling the iconic candy that every Rugrat wanted to get their hands on.

They even actually turn your tongue green IRL. You can only buy these things in stores, so get to a mall if you want to add the ultimate accessory to any Rugrats costume. In addition to the candy, FYE is also going to start selling Reptar cereal, which you can already preorder online.

So if you were feeling any nostalgia at all for your childhood these days, the world has you covered.

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