Here's Where You'll Get The Best Easter Bunny Pics This Year

The keepsake holiday pictures are some of the best framable snaps a parent could ask for. Whether your kid is super excited to sit on Santa's lap or bursts into tears at the sight of giant rabbit and oversized pastel eggs, capturing those moments on film is classic. Since Easter is right around the corner, you may be strategizing about where to take a picture with the Easter Bunny that won't have you standing in line for hours. You know how difficult it is to keep the children occupied while queued up and if there is a way to avoid the mass crowds, it ups your chance for a photo with smiling faces.

When it comes to being captured with the most famous cottontail of all time, most people head to their local mall and make their way through the winding line of velvet rope. Since this is the most well-known spot to have your Easter Bunny picture taken, it can mean lengthy waits. But I learned a few years back that going at an off time helps you zoom to the front in just minutes. It might mean being a late to school or work, but popping into the mall right when they open on a week day means avoiding those large weekend crowds.

If playing a little half-day hooky doesn't work for you, there are some other options aside from the mall that may offer shorted wait times and more unique experiences. If your kids are the sporty or outdoorsy type, they may like having an Easter picture taken at Bass Pro Shop, where the bunny stops by in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Or catch a ride with the top rabbit himself on an Easter Bunny train excursion, like the one offered by Tennessee Central Railway each Easter season.

To find all the fun events with the bunny in your area, do an internet search for Easter activities and include your city. That's how I found out about the Easter Bunny breakfast happening at Lucky Ladd Farms, which is right down the road from my house, as well as various egg hunts in the area where I can snap free pics of my kids and the Easter Bunny as he roams the event.

Chances are there are more opportunities for pictures with the Easter Bunny in your area than you realize. Taking a few minutes to search online can save you time in the long run and introduce you to different experiences for your family this holiday.