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Where To Watch The First Presidential Debate In NYC? It's Going To Be Basically Everywhere

Tonight's the night! *Cue music: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"* The first presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and the GOP's megalomaniac businessman Donald Trump will take place live at 9 p.m. Eastern Time at Hofstra University in New York. I've never been so excited to watch something on TV as hyped as this debate has been since the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale. And, here's hoping that, like the GoT season finale, it lives up to its hype — it's marvelous, outrageous hype. If you're in the city that never sleeps Monday night, there are a ton of places where you can watch the first presidential debate in NYC.

No matter whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or just someone who genuinely enjoys a good bout of live television schadenfreude, where you watch the debate is often the result of the mood you're going for. If tonight's debate feels like a wrestling match, maybe a bar is more your style. If you need to laugh at the absurdity that has overtaken this election cycle, a comedy club might be more your alley. Or, if you're like me and either A) lazy, B) too tired to go out, or C) have kids so what's this "going out" you speak of — you might want to tune in from home. Here's where to watch the debate in NYC no matter what your needs are.

If You Happen To Be At Hofstra University Tonight


If you're a current Hofstra University student, both eligible and registered to vote, and registered for at least six credits this semester, there's a very good chance you could catch the debate live at your home turf. Tickets to the presidential debate are being distributed via a lottery system. If the odds just aren't in your favor and you don't get a ticket to the live event, various departments and organizations are hosting debate watch parties across the Hofstra campus.

If You Need Alcohol To Make It Through The Debate

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New York certainly doesn't suffer from a shortage of bars, and many of them will host debate watching parties Monday night. Take your pick from any of the city's finest purveyors of victuals and potent potables, such as the Village Pourhouse, Humboldt and Jackson, or the Handy Liquor Bar. AM New York has a great roundup of NYC bars hosting debate watching parties — complete with election-inspired drink deals, too.

If You Need To Laugh To Drown Out Your Internal Screaming

While there are certain to be many laughable moments during Monday night's debate, some folks need a little more comedic commentary to get through 90 minutes of debate with no commercial interruptions. Q.E.D. Queens could be the debate comedy hot spot, as former Mystery Science Theatre 3000 alum Frank Coniff and comedians Christian Finnegan and Myka Fox will provide live commentary a la your favorite episodes of MST3K. Tickets are only $10, a small price to pay for loads of laughter.

If You Can Only Watch From Home Because The Couch Is Just Too Comfy To Get Off Of

Millions are predicted to watch the presidential debate tonight from the comfort of their own homes. There are a number of ways to watch the debate online without having to get up from the couch, unless you left your iPad in the other room: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will live stream the debate. Still haven't yet cut the cord on cable? Pretty much every major network and cable channels will broadcast the debate live at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Set your TiVos, folks — are TiVo's still a thing? No matter how you plan on tuning in, no matter where you are in NYC, tonight's presidential debate between Clinton and Trump is an event that can't be missed.