Keeping Up With The Duggars Is No Easy Feat, So Here's Who Will Say "I Do" Next

On the final episode for Season 8 of TLC's Counting On, fans of the Duggar family got to watch as Josiah Duggar walked down the aisle to marry his wife, Lauren Swanson. The wedding was a full blown occasion, and all of the older Duggars were on hand to help out the couple prepare for their big day. Watching the siblings help each other out begs the question — which Duggar will get married next?

The answer to this question should be obvious to anyone who watched the two-hour season finale of Counting On on Monday night. The end of the episode was practically devoted to one couple that will definitely be walking down the aisle soon: John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett.

"I'm pretty sure there will be a wedding happening around here soon," Jessa Duggar said at the end of the episode. "You never know around here."

Fans know that John David and Burnett started courting in late June, after the Duggar family announced the very big news on their website (and a few days before Josiah's wedding). One month later, the couple announced their engagement, according to People. John David is the only Duggar sibling (that fans are aware of) who entered a courtship this summer and the only Duggar siblings that is currently engaged. Unless another sibling were to rush down the aisle before them, it seems like John David and Burnett will be the next couple to head down the aisle within a matter of months.

Anyone who watched the finale Monday night could tell that this is one couple that is so in love and are ready to make their relationship last.

But, in case you weren't one of the many people who tuned into the finale — here's a bit of a refresher. At the very end of the episode, John David introduced Abbie to his family and the viewers of Counting On. Burnett is a 26-year-old geriatrics nurse from Oklahoma who is very devoted to her family and relationship.

"I want everyone to know that I love John," Burnett told the camera.

During the episode, John David was able to address their fast moving timeline after some fans were surprised that their courtship only lasted one month before they got engaged. John David said:

We met on a Sunday, I kind of confirmed our interests in each other on Monday, and then the next Monday — so, a week after — we began courting. If you know it's the right one, don't wait around.

"If the lights are green, you go," Burnett added.

John David also said that his family was speechless (and Joy Anna cried) when he introduced them to his girlfriend (yes, he used the word girlfriend), because they had been waiting forever for him to bring someone home. The tears weren't tears of sadness — the family was just so happy that the 28-year-old had finally met someone he loved.

I'm not crying, you are.

Although all eyes were on Josiah and Swanson on their big day, even they could sense the love between John David and Burnett in the air at their own wedding.

"Y'all are next," Swanson said to the couple as she walked down the aisle.

See? Everyone around them can sense their super strong love for each other — enough for a bride to mention it during one of the biggest moments of her life. John David and Burnett are not playing around in their relationship, and they made that very clear by getting engaged after one month of dating.

Although fans are sad to see the finale of Counting On air, it's likely that they will see John David and Burnett's wedding on the next season of the show.