Which Evenflo Carseats Were Recalled? Parents Should Double Check Their Carseats

For parents, the safety of their child is one of the biggest concerns in life. From home, to the playground, to school, parents want to make sure that their kid is protected from any kind of harms way. When a product is voluntarily recalled due to safety concerns, both parents and the corporation know that safety is important. Recently, Evenflo placed a voluntary recall on select carseats, but which Evenflo carseats were recalled and what should parents do with them?

On Thursday, Evenflo released updated information about the voluntary recall — including the reasoning behind it, how parents can properly fix the issue. This is so parents can identify if their carseat is part of the recall and make all necessary changes to fix the problem. With so much protection needed in cars, the last thing parents want to know is that their child is unsafe in their carseat — the one thing to protect them. Luckily, identifying the issue is easy. According to KWQC, Evenflo has only placed the voluntary recall on these select models of its Evolve Booster Seat, which has to be manufactured before Feb. 9 2016, and sold within the United States and Canada. These model numbers are: 34411700 (US), 34411741 (US), 34411700C (Canada).

According to Evenflo's website, the voluntary recall pertains to the harness on the booster seat. The company is concerned that some children can "access and activate the harness adjustment button without adult assistance and potentially loosen the harness." For parents with curious children who just seem to figure everything out, this recall is especially important if they use the carseat. Evenflo also reports that there have been no reported injuries due to the loose harness (thank goodness) but advise parents to take precaution just in case their children can get out of the harness. According to Evenflo, this issue came to their attention after identifying a trend in customer complaints.

So what should parents do now if they have this model? First, don't panic and don't throw out your Evenflo Evolve Booster Seat either. Evenflo is currently providing a "remedy kit" free of charge for the booster seat owners. The remedy kit comes with a replacement harness adjustment button and assembly instructions. This kit should prevent children from accessing the adjustment button. You can visit Evenflo's booster seat inquiry website or call 1-800-233-5921 to inquire about receiving a remedy kit. While parents are concerned to keep their children safe at all times, companies should be concerned too. Evenflo's voluntary carseat recall and solution shows that they believe the same.