Craig Sjodin/ABC

'BIP' Season 4 May Have A Lot Of Familiar Faves

As fun as every brand new season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette can be, there's something even more exciting: every summer Bachelor in Paradise comes around to fill those long, lonely months between Bach seasons, and it does so with copious amounts of beachwear, booze, and angry tête–à–têtes in the surf. The vibe is a lot more relaxed than it is on Bach and the outcome of the competition is a little harder to predict, making Bachelor in Paradise the perfect stress-free way to pass the summer. Every season sees a mix of contestants from years gone by, but which women from Nick Viall's season will join Bachelor in Paradise?

Usually at least some of the contestants who make their way to Paradise are from the most recent season, allowing fans to catch up with them after their last elimination and maybe get to know them a little better. A lot of the most memorable contestants usually find their way to the beach, but some people who didn't get their chance to shine on Bach are able to do so on Paradise. There were so many great women on Nick's season that the possibilities are endless — and some of the women have already shown interest in taking a trip to Paradise.

Much beloved dolphin-shark enthusiast Alexis Waters told E! during the taping of the Women Tell All special that she was more than down for joining in on the beachy fun: "I feel like I came out of the womb for Bachelor in Paradise," she said, and fans probably wouldn't disagree. The only thing that would hold her back was if she got into a relationship before filming began.

Both Danielle Maltby (the Wisconsin native Nick momentarily bonded with) and Kristina Schulman were interested too, though they didn't make any promises. Danielle wasn't sure her job as a nurse would allow for her to take off even more time, and Kristina wasn't planning on using reality TV as her only opportunity for dating adventures, saying, "I'm open to it, but I'm not relying on that to find a person for me."

All three of those ladies would be perfect for Paradise, but there's no denying fans are especially interested in seeing entertaining faux-villain Corinne Olympios make an appearance. So far she's not as openly interested in the possibility as some of her co-stars, claiming it's too early to tell and that she hasn't been asking to be on the show — yet. But seriously, would ABC pass up the chance to have Corinne back on screen? I think not.