Which Sargent Art Paints Have Been Recalled? Teachers & Parents Should Check Their Crafts

In many classrooms, arts and crafts is a popular activity used to tap students' creativity. That's why it's important for teachers, parents, students, and anyone who uses craft paints, to know that Sargent Art recently recalled a number of its products on Tuesday. So, which Sargent Art paints have been recalled? The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a statement urging consumers to immediately stop using the recalled paints.

In the CPSC report, the government agency stated that 2.8 million units of paints in the United States were affected by the recall. Additionally, 20,000 units of paints in Canada were also affected.

According to the CPSC, the recalled paints can possibly contain harmful bacteria, with potentially harmful side effects:

The paint can contain harmful bacteria. Exposure to certain bacteria can have adverse health effects in immunocompromised individuals, posing a risk of serious illness including a bacterial infection. Consumers with healthy immune systems are not generally affected by the bacteria.

Sargent Art also listed the CPSC's recall report on its website. According to the CPSC report, listed both on the Sargent Art website and the CPSC's, no incidents or injuries connected to potential harmful bacteria associated with Sargent Art paint have been reported.

The Sargent Art paint recall affects 13 types of the company's paint products distributed between May 2015 to June 10, 2016, the report read. Below is a list of the recalled products – all colors and sizes are affected:

Art-Time Tempera Paint
Liquid Tempera Paint
Art-Time Washable Finger Paint
Supreme Tempera Paint
Art-Time Washable Flurescent Finger Paint
Value Tempera Paint
Art-Time [Washable] Fluorescent Tempera Paint
Washable Finger Paint
Art-Time Washable Glitter Finger Paint
Washable Glitter Paint
Art-Time Washable Paint
Washable Tempera Paint
Fluorescent Tempera Paint

Some people have taken to Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word about the recall – particularly to teachers and parents who would likely use such craft paints. One Facebook account associated with a pediatric care facility, shared the recall information with its Facebook friends. "Please pass along to your children's art teachers and anyone else who is into craft painting....." the facility's Facebook status read.

The recalled products were sold at stores including Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Additionally, the paints were sold online at and, the recall report read.

The CPSC report stated that consumers with the affected products can receive a full refund. Customers can contact Sargent Art at: 800-827-8081.