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Here Are The States Winter Storm Stella Will Hit

The first day of spring is just over a week away, and yet much of the East Coast is about to get hammered with "crippling" snow in less than 24 hours. Which states will be hit by Winter Storm Stella, The Weather Channel's name for this brutal nor'easter? This is one monster storm, and Winter Storm Stella is predicted to pack quite the punch on Tuesday across much of the East Coast in the mid-Atlantic and New England states. Translation: Get thee to a grocery store, pronto.

If you're in the Midwest, chances are Winter Storm Stella is already knocking on your door — or knocking out power. This huge winter storm has the potential to be a weather "bomb" in a process known as bombogenesis. No, it's not when Winter Storm Stella cranks up "Invisible Touch" when it comes on the radio. No, no: Bombogenesis is far worse — it's when a low pressure area rapidly intensifies, causing intensified effects from the storm. In Stella's case, its likely bombogenesis will result in significant snowfall. With Winter Storm Stella snowfall predictions already in the 1- to 2-foot range in some parts of the country, this storm has the potential to cause everything from travel delays to power outages.

Here are the states Winter Storm Stella has in her sights — and she's looking at as many as 98 million people under weather alerts, according to WCVB Boston.

The "Been There, Done That, Have The Pics To Prove It" States

Stella has already dumped a good amount of snow in several states across the Midwest. On Sunday, significant snowfall occurred in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. It's already snowing in Chicago, where Stella just broke a record "no snow cover" streak — and will continue to fall Monday in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

The "Yeah, We're Used To It" States

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont are basically shrugging their shoulders going, "Yeah, it's snow. No big deal, nothing to see here. Welcome to early spring in New England." We are a salty people.

The "What Is This Weather Sorcery?" States

Oh, the South — bless your hearts when it comes to snow. This massive winter storm formed off the coast of the Carolinas, meaning that southern states like Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee are getting hit with snow. Mid-Atlantic states like Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia will also face Stella's wrath.

The "Ha Ha, It's Been Nice Knowing You" States

Do you live in New York, northern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, or southern Connecticut? LOL. I'm sorry. Blizzard warnings have been issued for these regions, with New York City likely to get hit by the winter storm the hardest. Expect rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour, high winds, poor visibility, and rapidly deteriorating travel conditions starting Monday night.

The general meteorological consensus is that a good chunk of the country will have a snow day on Tuesday, but it's all a matter of timing and intensity that'll determine just how much snow you'll need to shovel out of your driveway — or dig yourself out of your house.

Good luck!