How Parents Can Buy Nimuno LEGO Tape

There’s a new toy in town that lets your little ones turn their LEGOs into pretty much anything and put them almost anywhere they set their sights on. Typically, the colorful building blocks could only be played with on a flat surface, but a versatile adhesive tape by Nimuno will stick to any surface and allows kids to make things like curvy rivers and rollercoasters with their LEGOs. It’s a total game changer, so many parents be wondering which store will carry Nimuno LEGO tape so their kids can also let their imaginations run wild.

It may be some time until we see the sticky toy on store shelves. At the moment, parents can only pre-order the Nimuno LEGO tape by the roll on IndieGoGo and it’s estimated to be shipped out by August. The cuttable tape started as a campaign project by an ingenious South African couple on Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding website, and LEGO enthusiasts have quickly helped them surpass their funding goal of $8,000. As of March 18, nearly 33,000 people have backed the project and its raised more than $1 million. And there are still 24 days lefts of funding to go.

According to Curbed, the tape's inventors, industrial designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, intend to use the money towards final prototyping and production and they’re offering the tape — available in blue, red, green, and gray — as rewards to their investors.

While kids will have to be patient and wait a few months for their new toy to be sent in the mail, the LEGO tape is actually quite affordable for such a trendy toy — but it does depend on how many rolls of tape you'd like. For example, the cheapest option is two rolls of 6.5 foot tape for $13, four rolls will run you $26, 10 multicolored roll will cost buyers $58, and there’s even an option to buy 1,050 rolls of the tape for $3,000. However many rolls you opt for will determine the price and how every corner of your home might look like in the near future.

Considering the level of support and excitement the creators have gotten since the project got started in its prototype stage, it wouldn't unimaginable that one day Nimuno LEGO tape could end up at toys stores one day. But for now, kids will have to sit tight and channel their imaginations into all of the protects they can create once it arrives on their doorsteps.