Andy & Ashley Williams Of 'Flip Or Flop Fort Worth' Are Dedicated To Service

by Josie Rhodes Cook

HGTV may have anticipated that viewers will miss the Texas real estate scene in the wake of Fixer Upper ending, and the network has a plan to fill in that Lone Star State-shaped hole. Recently, the network announced that it is launching a new show in November called Flip Or Flop Fort Worth, featuring a husband and wife team, just like the original Flip or Flop did. Who are Andy and Ashley Williams, Flip or Flop Fort Worth's stars and the latest couple to take on an HGTV reality show?

As you might have guessed from the show's title, Andy and Ashley will flip homes in Fort Worth, Texas, just as the original Flip Or Flop couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa did on their show, according to Refinery 29. And if you like a little bit of romance behind your home renovation show obsession, you'll be happy to hear that the two had quite the patriotic "meet cute" to begin their relationship.

The couple met while serving in the United States Armed Forces over in Iraq, according to Refinery 29. And the Flip or Flop Fort Worth hosts have now made it their goal to give back to the military community, according to HGTV.

As part of their business, Andy and Ashley Williams work to integrate veterans transitioning to civilian life. Andy is a Marine veteran, and he told HGTV he's committed to helping to transition veterans after his best friend died in Iraq in 2006:

When he died in Iraq and I wasn’t there, I made it my life mission to make sure that transitioning veterans was something I was going to do.

Now, Andy and Ashley have a special focus on the veteran community in their work. This focus is a part of every aspect of their business — from working with crews that are owned, operated, and staffed by veterans, to mentoring other veterans and working with veteran-owned title companies and loan officers. In other words, when this couple says their mission is to help other veterans, it's not just talk.

Since the couple returned home from serving in the military themselves in 2011, they've flipped more than 49 homes, according to Country Living. They also launched their company, Recon Realty, which is built on the goal of investing "in true value add projects," according to the company's website.

In general, it sounds like this couple is especially interested in projects that mean something, and not just in making money. In the above video, Andy says that the couple flips houses "because we actually want to add values to the communities that we serve." That's a meaningful goal, and one that HGTV audiences will likely respond well to when the show launches on Nov. 2.

The two will combine their professional strengths on the show, with Andy as the real estate agent and "home renovation expert" of the couple, according to Broadway World. Ashley, on the other hand, will handle the design side of things. That partnership sounds very similar to how the couples behind Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper operated as well.

Andy and Ashley also have two young children, Ashton and Amina, according to POPSUGAR, which is another way they follow the pattern of many popular HGTV shows — by comparison, Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper have four children, according to People.

But it remains to be seen just how much their kids will be featured on the series. Andy and Ashley may choose to keep their kids out of the spotlight, and have the show focus only on the renovation and design work that they do.

The couple will be on TV screens across America before you know it, with a nine-episode first season of Flip or Flop Fort Worth premiering on Nov. 2, Refinery 29 reported.

That gives you a couple of weeks to decide whether to add yet another HGTV show to your "must see" list. And so far, everything I've heard about this couple definitely makes me want to tune in.

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