'Bachelor' Fans Will Fall In Love With Arie's Twin Brothers

It’s been almost six years since Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette aired and Arie Luyendyk Jr. was introduced to fans of Bachelor Nation. So I think anyone who is a little shaky on the details of his personal life can have a free pass. That doesn’t mean that fans aren’t asking all kinds of questions about him now, including some about his family. Like, who are Arie’s twin brothers Alec and Luca? The Bachelor would do well to feature a cameo from Arie’s younger brothers, one of whom was recently married and the other who seems like a genuinely good time.

As shown in the Countdown to Arie special, Alec recently got married and is settling into married life, but Luca is still single, along with Arie (though I guess we can count out their older sibling, since he reportedly fell in love while filming The Bachelor). The twins are 24 years old, so they’re more than 10 years younger than Arie. Since they were still both teens when Arie filmed The Bachelorette in 2012, they likely haven't had much experience with Bachelor Nation, but they seem very supportive of their older brother and this whole experience that was offered to him so long after having his heart broken on The Bachelorette Season 8.

Even though Alec and Luca aren’t a part of The Bachelor per se, they share their older brother’s love of cars and seem like they’re not too shy around a camera. So having them pop up later this season to impart some wisdom on Arie as he struggles to decide who to propose to is almost guaranteed. Since Alec was recently married, he’ll more than likely have some important advice to give Arie as the season finale draws nearer and judging by his Instagram alone, he seems to be hopelessly in love with his new bride. The two newlyweds even went skydiving to celebrate an anniversary together. Clearly, even without the help of The Bachelor, the Luyendyk brothers know how to bring the wow factor on a date.

Luca might not be married just yet, but his job with Tesla seems to take up most of his time anyway, though I don’t think he’s complaining. He may not have followed in his father and older brother’s footsteps of professional racing, but he does have a similar passion for cars and even posted a photo of his own racing kart that he says he’d like to start driving again as a hobby.

By doing a little Instagram sleuthing, I also found that Luca is a Breaking Bad fan and knows the value in working from home with an ice cold beer on his desk. So basically the only question now is, when will Luca be announced as the next Bachelor? But when Luca isn’t having a blackjack night with friends or doing D.I.Y. home projects with power tools, he’s supporting his older brother and his journey for love. In September, Luca posted a photo of Arie holding one of many Bachelor roses and wrote in the caption, "It's official! My older bro is chosen for the next season of the Bachelor. With already one brother married another is on a quest!"

Meanwhile, Alec has been equally as supportive of his big brother going on The Bachelor to find a potential wife of his own. His Instagram is full of photos of him and his new wife, but he has retweeted plenty of posts in support of Arie being The Bachelor this season, so he’s likely as much in his corner as Luca appears to be.

Even though both brothers have busy lives of their own, I am looking forward to their inevitable cameo later this season and hopefully it comes long before hometown dates.

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