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Who Are Madison Kocian's Parents? They're Her Biggest Fans

When watching the members of the United States Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team hurtle through the air, it's easy to forget that they're human beings just like the rest of us. Even though current world bars champion Madison Kocian has more strength and coordination than most of us could ever even dream of, she was once a totally normal child, whose family probably had no idea that she'd be taking the world by storm. So who are Madison Kocian's parents? They're very close to and supportive of their famous daughter.

Kocian's parents, Thomas and Cindy, were actually the ones responsible for getting Madison into gymnastics. When she was a young child in Dallas, Texas, she kept climbing out of her crib, and her mom decided to let her work off some of that energy by putting her in gymnastics class. Kocian, age 19, apparently never looked back, and her parents were more than happy to help her achieve her dreams of Olympic stardom.

In interviews, Kocian gushes about her parents, saying on the NBC Olympics website,

My parents, Thomas & Cindy, have been my biggest supporters throughout my gymnastics career. They put me in the sport at a young age, and they made the commitment to take me to the gym every day. They will do anything to help me succeed and be happy.

She also praises them on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

When posting an Instagram of her mother on her birthday, she wrote,

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for cheering me up when I'm down, laughing with me through the good times, & always loving me! I wouldn't be the person I am today without you! I love you!

And at her graduation, she posted another one, saying, "I wouldn't be able to make it through everyday without my Mom. I love you."

On Father's Day of last year, she posted an adorable series of photos with her and her dad, with the caption,

Happy Father's Day Dad! I'm so thankful for all the memories I've shared with you & I can't wait for many more to come! Thanks for always making me laugh! LOVE YOU.

And it seems that her parents do what they can to help her lead a normal life when she's not pushing herself on the uneven bars. Some of Kocian's favorite activities, according to her bio, are going shopping with her mother, or watching television with her father. They go to church each weekend as well. And after Kocian's had a big competition, her parents get her dessert to remind her to take a little break from her strict discipline to relax.

Kocian's parents must be wildly proud of their daughter as she heads to Rio. And it seems that she, in return, is wildly proud of them.